The Ability

If we want to create a management system that would maximize the potential of open and increase business value, it should focus on three basic human talents: Talents to achieve – a person's ability to find and use internal motivation to aggressively move to achieve this goal, overcoming the resistance of various talents of thinking – a person's ability to use logical thinking, existing knowledge and intuition in the process of collecting and processing information in identifying and evaluating alternatives in decision-making talents of interaction – a person's ability to perceive emotions, motives, preferences and personal goals of others, to empathize with them and demonstrate an understanding of them, use is the perception and understanding to ensure effective coordination. How to formulate the objectives of the focus on achieving the stated goal – this one, and properly formulate it – it is quite another. Crucial to achieve high efficiency power management leader should be recognized as the ability to clearly specify the clear goal of the artist. In general terms the most simple algorithm and correct determination of the correct target – is to answer the following questions: l What's good for your customers (internal or external)? What are the most important aspects of consumer choice? If the consumer does not consider the goals correct (or you think you have not consider if he could find them), then you must doubt the correctness of their review and l What's good for your company? As the results of your employees (your department) are consistent with the current strategy of your company? If the Contractor purpose contrary to the objectives of the company, you should doubt the correctness of their formulation and l review What's good for the artist? As the artist explained the purpose and to organize the process of its achievement to get the desired result and meet the artist from work? If the stated objectives not correspond to the major talents of the performer, they should review the How to motivate performers in the performance of the totality of the inherent talents of the employee is manifested in those cases where it performs their work, whether individually or in teams (team).

The Project

6) Improved methods for analyzing the evolving situation, a constant adjustment of goals, projects, plans and programs. 7) When the project is implemented, it is necessary to go back to step number 1. Described a continuous activity in the field of thought can be divided into other phases, the number and content of which, generally chosen by the thinking subject matter of convenience and utility. It is important that the thought process was continuous. All of the above defects are thinking connected with the discontinuities of the process, with stops at way. Some participants are unable to analyze the situation as a whole, while others – see their interests, and others – to formulate the goals, the fourth – to determine what actions the project makes sense to sell here Now, what plan of action and choose what program of action to make music.

In other words, at each stage of a continuous process of thinking may slow down, stop and "go the distance." Before the crisis, period of rapid economic growth, continuous thinking, generally speaking, it was not a prerequisite of prosperity. On the contrary, often it even hurt to achieve success in the capture of material resources or power, which is understood primarily as a formally established right to control the movement of certain inventory and resources. The crisis is interesting in that people, unable to overcome the defects of his thinking, fast feel that they are beginning to lose. It is true that because of the described defects of thinking, they realize this is not immediately apparent. This text is written for those who are able to realize their chances of winning in a crisis. We hope that you, the reader will be able to to do it. December 1, 2008

Mandatory Product Certification

Mandatory certification of products and services – registration of the certificate of conformity Mandatory certification – confirmation by the certification of conformity with the regulatory documents. Legislative acts of the Russian Federation established range of products (the list of products), for which there is a mandatory certification. The list of products subject to compulsory certification, as well as its parameters, parameters and characteristics are determined in accordance with the country’s regulations and law. Familiar with the nomenclature of mandatory requirement includes the definition safety indicators for consumer products and the environment. Thus, under mandatory product certification and the manufacturer and the consumer has confidence in product safety. The following are a few examples of products that podlezht mandatory certification. Certification of the following products: Certification of special footwear, household equipment certification, certification of fixtures and lamps, certification windows (window unit) of PVC profile, certification of wooden windows, insulating glass certification, certification of tableware, perfume certification, certification of children’s clothing, equipment certification, certification linen goods, certification of power tools, certification, child furniture, furniture special certification, certification of cosmetics including nursery, laundry detergent certification, certification of products food, auto parts certification, certification of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, clothing certification, certification, special shoes, light fixtures and lamps certification, certification of vessels, Certification perfumes Background Act certification Article 7

Features Patenting

Russia's WTO entry requires correction of certain laws, one of which regulates legal relations in determining the ownership of intellectual property. With two thousand and six, entered into force fourth of the Civil Code, which regulates relations in the field of intellectual property. What can be patented, as the patent, who is the owner? List the Civil Code is not in our intention. We turn to the intricacies of patenting. A patent is granted for a period of 20 years, after which it becomes public domain, some companies keep their technology secret, protecting the invention, as the know-how and trade secret so as not to reveal their secrets.

The scope of legal protection depends on the subject of patents, for example a patent for invention or utility model requires a description of the patent formula. Claim includes a set of relevant factors. What should be included in the claim? Description of the factors essential to patent the formula should be well thought out and constructed. Claim should not be too narrow, then there should not exactly describe the subject of patents, indicate some of its properties. It is proposed to bypass the patent of a formula to patent the formula is not so easy to circumvent, formulating a different formulation. The same claim should not be too broad, that is, everything in the first place, about all the no patent the, and, secondly, everything is not clear that patent. Proper description of the formula patent – a pledge the continued success of product promotion. The presence of a patent for the products the organization makes itself a more powerful organization in the eyes of others, what you buy a product at the same price, patented or not, clear that we do not know anything, but better than proprietary. In the proof of patent infringement under investigation, accused the object is compared in detail with the patent formula and based on all of these similarities is decided protection of patent rights.

Alfa Group

Statement about the possible withdrawal of the license was also revoked. However, the intrigue continued to evolve into a new direction for its members. As stated above, the owner of the basic package (62.42%) of the company “Rusia Petroleum”, which received a license to develop the Kovykta is TNK – BP. Suddenly, to the public in July 2008, the press reported on the conflict between the major shareholders of TNK – BP. In continue negotiations on the Kovykta contradictions in the camp of one of its sides look like, conventionally speaking, difficult to explain. Although, of course, immediately begs the desire to correlate this event with the negotiations themselves – “probably something is not divided, “but let’s not get carried away assumptions, look at the facts. TNK – BP was established in 2003 on terms of equal (50%) equity ownership of Britain’s BP and Russian consortium AAR (‘Alfa Group’, Access Industries, ‘Renova’).

The company is engaged in oil and gas production in Russia and sell hydrocarbons in both domestic and foreign markets. In the top leadership is dominated by representatives of the British top management. On numerous reports from different sources conflict erupted as a result of disagreement with the Russian shareholders dominant orientation of the British leadership at the company’s work on the Russian domestic market, their reluctance to be active outside of Russia and, accordingly, AAR requirement to significantly reduce the British board of directors. Most consistently and strongly demanded the resignation of the head company, Robert Dudley, current management believes that AAR, in the interests of only one of the major shareholders – BP. State resource, in this case, too, used actively. Back in March 2008 have been canceled Visa 148 employees and they were made aware of the ban on further work in the company.