Financial Year

with strong growth from license and productivity increase in Hamburg, March 25, 2010. International business systems (IBS), a leading provider of business software for wholesale and distribution, with the sales of new software licenses 2009 10 million euro in the second half of has * (previous year: 8,47 million euro) achieved, representing a seventeen percent growth. The new license sales by 30 percent to 19.90 million euro are calculated on the total year * (EUR 15.31 million) increased. Total license revenues increased 2009 full-year 14 percent 48,57 million euros (42.76 million). According to the strategic focus on the core business, to expand the future profitability of sales in the second half compared with the same period of last year by 14 percent to EUR 90,62 million (previous year: 104.90 million) has decreased. The financial year 2009 was completed with 185,62 million euros (207,56 million), eleven percent lower sales. The average number of employees has 29 per cent, the number of which in the course of the Year employed consultants to 30 percent reduced what had increased productivity result.

So increased the annual sales per employee by 26 percent, the professional services per consultant by 13 percent. While the income before financial and extraordinary results, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA) fell in the second half of 2009 to EUR 1.74 million (EUR 9.08 million), he was 7.65 million euros (8.27 million euros) in the year as a whole. The cash flow from operating activities was in the fiscal year 2009 at 10.10 million euros (7,86 million), without the impact of restructuring measures amounting to 17,76 million euros (8,88 million) of operating cash flow at 7.65 million located. (* all euro values correspond to an exchange rate of 1 Swedish krona = 0,10204) early 2009 we knew that we were started in a difficult year. We had brought about a reversal, in which a third of the staff has left the company and not just a new strategy, but also a “new management found feeding and all during the worst economic conditions since the great depression”, IBS CEO Mike Shinya explains. Given of several non-operational, non-commercial items as a goodwill impairment, higher depreciation and amortisation and lower capitalization of product development costs all in all with deterioration of operating profit to 10,82 million euros against 2008 earnings has become de facto from year to year improvement.”but operationally seen was the outstanding success in the continuous growth of the new license revenue and 2009, we recorded an overall increase of 30 percent despite the very difficult market conditions. This was a direct result of the concentration on the distribution market. New customer business is grown specially in the field of IBS enterprise, our most important strategic product for this sector, by 49 percent”, Mike Shinya next. We have recorded the greatest overall improvement in the Americas region, although the largest Individual contract was contributed by a European customers.” You can download the detailed year end report 2009 at.