Black Bridge

As all know, several had been the cases of racism in the soccer where afrodescendentes players and torcedores are called ' ' macacos' '. Oracle pursues this goal as well. It has three basic ways to deal with the situation. The first one, evidently, is the legal one: to process criminally and civilly the aggressors. One is about solution that we will not analyze because it would demand a technician-legal boarding and boat that it does not fit here. Second it is to receive what it was xingamento as a compliment and to adopt it.

third is to bend over it the aggressors was what unhappyly already it became in the Brazilian election, for workmanship of Epitcio Person. As the Brazilian players had been called ' ' macaquitos' ' for the Argentines, Epitcio Person, president of the Republic and honor of the CBD (future CBF) made the following requirement, for occasion of the invocation of the election for the dispute of the South American championship, in 1921: ' ' not gone for the River of the Silver of players who are not rigorously brancos' ' (apud Leonardo Pear tree). In chronicle ' ' Bendito football' ' , of 01.10.1921, the mulato Barreto Rasp, that hated the soccer (to see our article ' ' Against foot-ball' '), it by the way made the following mordacious commentary of this decision: ' ' Its Excellency who is accustomed to decide more difficult questions as they are the color of the pants with that the guests must appear to the palace receptions; the anteriority rules, that agree are observed in the compliments the real and principescas people, did not have doubt in solving the serious question. It was its resolution of that so usual and comprometedora people did not have to appear in them exported groups of players; there it are, it added, it was not needed to know that we had in similar Brazil esterco humano.' ' Another form, as we said, is to transform the xingamento into compliment.