Black Bridge

As all know, several had been the cases of racism in the soccer where afrodescendentes players and torcedores are called ' ' macacos' '. Oracle pursues this goal as well. It has three basic ways to deal with the situation. The first one, evidently, is the legal one: to process criminally and civilly the aggressors. One is about solution that we will not analyze because it would demand a technician-legal boarding and boat that it does not fit here. Second it is to receive what it was xingamento as a compliment and to adopt it.

third is to bend over it the aggressors was what unhappyly already it became in the Brazilian election, for workmanship of Epitcio Person. As the Brazilian players had been called ' ' macaquitos' ' for the Argentines, Epitcio Person, president of the Republic and honor of the CBD (future CBF) made the following requirement, for occasion of the invocation of the election for the dispute of the South American championship, in 1921: ' ' not gone for the River of the Silver of players who are not rigorously brancos' ' (apud Leonardo Pear tree). In chronicle ' ' Bendito football' ' , of 01.10.1921, the mulato Barreto Rasp, that hated the soccer (to see our article ' ' Against foot-ball' '), it by the way made the following mordacious commentary of this decision: ' ' Its Excellency who is accustomed to decide more difficult questions as they are the color of the pants with that the guests must appear to the palace receptions; the anteriority rules, that agree are observed in the compliments the real and principescas people, did not have doubt in solving the serious question. It was its resolution of that so usual and comprometedora people did not have to appear in them exported groups of players; there it are, it added, it was not needed to know that we had in similar Brazil esterco humano.' ' Another form, as we said, is to transform the xingamento into compliment.

Corporate Governments

The ITIL more allows to the implantation of the governana of YOU in a level tactician, it approaches YOU as a lender of services who inside supplies basic requirements the operation of the business and of definite parameters. The implementation of the ITIL not necessarily necessary to be carried through completely, the company can opt to establishing levels of maturity for its implementations. The implementation can be granted to the few, as we know people they react in different ways the processes of changes, one mudanda in brusque way and sudden it can not appear the waited results. Conclusion Today the good organizations that understand that to take care of to the concept of practical it is a necessary good, obtain to incorporate the objectives of the governana in its structure, acquire conditions to perfect the management of its infrastructure and services of YOU. These good practical ones act as guides for the establishment of metric controls and that if line up for the reach of the governana. We have in this direction the concepts mentioned in this work as the COBIT and the ITIL, one acting in a more strategical level and the other in more tactical way. Together these concepts constitute an important resource for the improvement of the internal controls and regulatory practical conformity ace. The concepts of Governana and Corporative Governana in have very assisted the actions of the companies in the areas of YOU, therefore these supply ferramente that in current the world and globalizado, they do not allow the disdain of the actions of accountability, transparency and administrative responsailidade.

To act with desirable levels of government the lesser interests facilitate the companies to plead loans, to have more access the capital, and still to conquer a better greater and performance for company. Ahead of the importance of the term Governana, the G7 (group of the nations richest of the world), it considers the Corporate government as the new polar region of global the economic architecture.

The Social

The culprit of the results not to have been reached starts to be the instrument used for evaluation. With this, new instruments in the expectation of sobressair in the incessant search of methods, techniques and instruments are looked, making with that the evaluated people serve as a great laboratory and the evaluation of performance without viability. In the truth what one forgets it is that it does not advance to create instruments, without first the clear objectives and the goals are tracings, knowing where if wants to arrive and there with certainty it will reach a satisfactory result. However, according to text always will have subjectivity in the AD ones, but, the question is to minimize the tendenciosidades and errors. Inside of this look, we understand that the AD ones translates the joint effort of its collaborators in the accomplishment of tasks that are trusted to it by the company, points out the degree of participativa management, integration and trustworthiness and that the final objective of the evaluation of the performance, is to contribute for the increase of the motivation of the people in the company.

In this context, we can affirm from the good management of people arrives it motivation what it is primordial factor. The great transformations that come occurring in different aspects of the life human being, individual and associate, in the social concepts and of form of life, allies to the technological and educational development, generate ' ' instabilidade' ' to the organizations and the people. This ' ' instabilidade' ' he is resulted of economic changes social. This situation is that it takes the organizations to rethink and to change its paradigms, since they will be evaluated, in terms of effectiveness, for the level of development and satisfaction of its Human resources, its greater well. With the globalization, she is not enough the organizations to have equipment of first quality, well defined politics and to be located well what she matters are the human resources and the qualification of the same ones, the people need one surrounding insurance and acolhedor, at the same time that they value its collaborators.