Flight Attendants

Thus, the protagonist of this history became my good friend, let's call it – Vasya. So, Vasya had a strong weakness for all women on the planet: he generously distributed tweaks and bangs on a soft place, accompanying all this is childish uhmylochkami and benign smile. And he had a chance to fly to Sicily Sicilian airline stewardesses All, of course, were also Sicilian And how! Curvy shapes, chernyuschschie eyelashes, languid eyes And because of long-standing Russian tradition Vasya began to celebrate their holidays still in the airport, looking into the duty-free, then by the time of landing he was in a pretty "good" condition. Naturally, he could not resist the charms of Sicilian divas and by the mid-flight gave them all the generous applause for the pope However, the recent (so she Sicilian blood!) after the speech loving passengers everything they thought about it, excoriate poor man from the plane (it should be noted that the flight a transplant in Rome) because everything was legal, then challenge your landing Vasya could not left alone with a suitcase, Vasya decided to buy another ticket on another airline, he does not intend (though you could wait at the airport few hours and find a very cheap flight options (eg 45 euros), the idea of a train, too, was thrown aside Vasily took a car After deep remorse and sleepless nights behind the wheel was made welcome Island All agreed Vasya, now I'm all of them will take revenge – a rest like a king! Week really flew like a dream, interesting places, a trip to the crater, the elegant Sea, seminude (although now slightly Vasya shunned show their feelings directly to the ladies to explosive, so that all spanking sounded mentally:) The last day, before leaving, he threw the car in front of office doors, shouting in the "receiving" section, he machine left in front of their nose, ran at a gallop to the front desk, so as not to stay again without a plane, because Registration has ended. Official site: Chase Coleman. Rest a really royal the price because Soon he came through on the company, where he rented a car, where in addition to the price for the lease was to add on a wild fine of 1200 euros: Multiple instances of excessive speed (this is when he raced from Rome) + parking in the wrong places + threw the car with the keys inside on the street (although before the office of the company) did not complete any documents to receive the machine and not passing any formalities since Basil is no longer pops flight attendants on the pope