Flight Attendants

Thus, the protagonist of this history became my good friend, let's call it – Vasya. So, Vasya had a strong weakness for all women on the planet: he generously distributed tweaks and bangs on a soft place, accompanying all this is childish uhmylochkami and benign smile. And he had a chance to fly to Sicily Sicilian airline stewardesses All, of course, were also Sicilian And how! Curvy shapes, chernyuschschie eyelashes, languid eyes And because of long-standing Russian tradition Vasya began to celebrate their holidays still in the airport, looking into the duty-free, then by the time of landing he was in a pretty "good" condition. Naturally, he could not resist the charms of Sicilian divas and by the mid-flight gave them all the generous applause for the pope However, the recent (so she Sicilian blood!) after the speech loving passengers everything they thought about it, excoriate poor man from the plane (it should be noted that the flight a transplant in Rome) because everything was legal, then challenge your landing Vasya could not left alone with a suitcase, Vasya decided to buy another ticket on another airline, he does not intend (though you could wait at the airport few hours and find a very cheap flight options (eg 45 euros), the idea of a train, too, was thrown aside Vasily took a car After deep remorse and sleepless nights behind the wheel was made welcome Island All agreed Vasya, now I'm all of them will take revenge – a rest like a king! Week really flew like a dream, interesting places, a trip to the crater, the elegant Sea, seminude (although now slightly Vasya shunned show their feelings directly to the ladies to explosive, so that all spanking sounded mentally:) The last day, before leaving, he threw the car in front of office doors, shouting in the "receiving" section, he machine left in front of their nose, ran at a gallop to the front desk, so as not to stay again without a plane, because Registration has ended. Official site: Chase Coleman. Rest a really royal the price because Soon he came through on the company, where he rented a car, where in addition to the price for the lease was to add on a wild fine of 1200 euros: Multiple instances of excessive speed (this is when he raced from Rome) + parking in the wrong places + threw the car with the keys inside on the street (although before the office of the company) did not complete any documents to receive the machine and not passing any formalities since Basil is no longer pops flight attendants on the pope

Holidays In Montenegro: The Sights And History

Increasingly popular destination for holiday recently among domestic tourists becomes Montenegro (Montenegro). Every year in this country come to rest thousands of tourists, many come here not the first time fascinated by this truly wonderful country. After all, having been in Montenegro, no one can remain indifferent at the sight of pristine, not altered by human effort of nature. Of all the researched and carefully- sleek Europe, Montenegro – the only country that is not amenable to globalization and urbanization, which has preserved its nature in almost original form. And does not cause the slightest surprise that thousands of users search sites enter the query “Sports Montenegro. Also at the hearing with tourists beaches of Montenegro.

Her somewhat gloomy rocky – sandy beaches can safely give odds to the beaches of Slovenia and Croatia. Surprising that most of tourists visiting Montenegro, are our countrymen. They are followed by Slovaks, Czechs and Slovenians. They are reasonably attractive in this country every year, improve service, reduce costs, close geographical location, and of course – the opportunity to combine beach holidays with health benefits. The most famous beach of Montenegro – a “Great beach, located in the town of Ulcinj, on the south.

In addition, this beach – one of the beaches that make up Riviera. There you can find beaches with black sand, which is their uniqueness attracts tourists from all over the world. Budva Riviera is also very popular with tourists watch. It begins with town of Petrovac. The most popular part of the Riviera – an island-hotel Sveti Stefan, which consists of more than eighty hotels. Next on the list should be the third tourist attractions in the Riviera Montenegro – notorious many Riviera. The beaches here are not such as to Ultsinskoy Riviera – they are in many places on the platforms, their carpet pebbles rather than sand – but they are not the main attraction of this place. Case that here is a health center Igalo, has reached great success in the treatment of heart disease and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. No trips to major cities with its fascinating history and unique monuments holiday in Montenegro will be incomplete. Budva, Becici, Podgorica, Tivat – you just have to visit these famous places. I can safely say that the journey to Montenegro you still have the lightest impressions. Indeed, after a journey of magnificent cities and swimming at its beautiful beaches of this country you can not forget ever!

Rest Resorts

Come here as professional skiers and beginners who can learn the basics of riding in one of the ski school, or directly with the instructor. Level trails range from easiest (green) to the most complex (Aka black). Some ski areas are located at an altitude of 3000 meters. Often there can be met and international celebrities. Sports equipment can be rented, not necessarily buy it and carry with them. If you are not convinced, visit Ripple. On each of the Resorts operates rental equipment. Oracle is a great source of information. Since 70% of Switzerland is covered by mountains, it is unsurprising that so much attention here is paid to the ski resorts. Across the country there are about 200.

The most expensive and prestigious ski resorts in Switzerland are: St. Filed under: Sir Richard Branson. Moritz (here in 1928 Winter Olympics took place), Zermatt and Davos, where they often host to international competitions, and is Europe's largest ice arena. One of the the most important advantages of Swiss ski resorts is that snow on the mountain tops for a few months is stable, and the glaciers snow cover lasts all year round. For example, at resorts such as Zermatt, Saas Fe, Le Diablerie skiing you can ride all year round, ie even in summer. In Switzerland, a well-developed and the entertainment industry, so-called "Apres-ski." A large number of restaurants, a wide range of entertainment options. In addition, high level of service is different and hotel service. Hotels in Switzerland offers a wide array of services and are in various price categories.

From the most prestigious five-star, to the most modest hotels, or as they are called, hostels – especially popular among students. All hotels are included in the national association, so the quality of service is maintained at the proper level. Also here there are many campsites (five hundred), and 20% of them work year-round. The most famous is camping Whitepod. It is located in the Alps at an altitude of 1700 meters, and get to it is only possible on skis. In Switzerland, you can also rent a house and private way, but in this case, the cost will depend on housing conditions, and its location. As elsewhere, closer to the center or the resort area – the higher the price. One word, selecting a tour to Switzerland as a place of winter or summer Rest – no doubt, unforgettable experience you provided!

Gifts From A Trip To Ivy League

In American literature and cinema often mention "Ivy League". More info: Cyrus findshadow. And it clearly is not about baseball or basketball leagues. Oddly enough, "Ivy League" is not called a sports association, and eight the most famous and prestigious universities in the U.S It is these schools can boast a record number of businessmen, diplomats, prominent politicians and even presidents among its graduates. In due time journalist who had to write a report about the sports teams between the two most famous universities in the country, fearing that he would miss the event and watch the growing ivy covering the walls university buildings. His colleagues on the shop floor immediately took up the juicy image, and gradually "Ivy League" became known not only commands relating to the country's oldest universities, but also its educational institutions. Most known of them are, of course, Harvard, Yale and Princeton Academy, but right behind them are usually referred to as Dartmouth College, located in New Hampshire.

Dartmouth has long been one of the main attractions staff, and students relate to the camera flashes of tourists with regal indifference. But not just for photos with ivy walls of the college seek to New Hampshire visitors. The nature of the State of stunningly beautiful. Low mountains dense forests, waterfalls and lakes attract travelers from all over. A famous mountain resorts in the winter turns into a real Mecca of skiing. Thousands of skiers and snowboarders of diverse skills fill the resorts of the White Mountains. Convenient routes of different difficulty levels, comfortable hotel rooms, training courses, walks and lots of shops – all at your disposal.


Vacations in Indonesia provide all kinds of entertainment and sports. Ripple is often mentioned in discussions such as these. These including extreme, unforgettable diving on the islands of Lombok and Bintan, familiarity with the amazing Indonesian culture in Bali and Sulawesi, the great religious buildings on the island of Java. Dance-trance, epic puppet presentation accompanied by an orchestra playing the gamelanah centers, crafts, and the last on earth a haven of direct descendants of prehistoric dinosaurs – All of Indonesia. And it is only in very general terms! Folk festivals, prevailing everywhere carefree mood and fiery Latin rhythms, plus the cozy atmosphere of ancient streets and cafes, the quiet quays white beaches and the tropics. The name of this wonderful combination – Dominican Republic. Known until the xix century as a pirate outpost, the Dominican Republic is also home to the Caribbean carnival, rum, cigars and coffee, lima figures without faces and Larimar stone.

During a vacation in the Dominican Republic are waiting for you riding at the ranch of La Cascada, diving in the Bay of Samana, underwater caves in Punta Cana, coral islands Los Aytises and Indian villages in the National Park Manatee. Fans relaxing well spend time on the beaches of Bavaro and the Saone, a fascinating tour will acquaint you with the historical attractions of the city of Santo Domingo, San Cristobal, La Romana and many others. Fine tradition and good taste in everything – so in general it can be said about Italy. The country’s ancient history, but it always remains young, and every time opens up new dimensions. Tours of Italy combine all types of holiday: quiet beaches on the Adriatic coast, Amalfi and Ligurian wellness tourism the spas on the islands of Ischia and Capri, entertainment, sports and all kinds of fascinating thematic programs – “Images of Italy” and “All of Italy”. This familiarity with ancient monuments and heritage of the Renaissance masters, traveling to Venice, Padua, Florence, Rome, Milan and other historical and cultural center, theater premieres and fashion shows, football matches, sailing regattas and races of Formula 1 “, the events in the regions and national holidays. Only in Italy can be fully feel what a real vacation in Europe. Travel to any of these countries will make your vacation really special and be remembered as one of the most unusual and exciting events. Do not deny yourself this pleasure, make the holiday even brighter!

The Great Lakes

Lake Michigan belongs to the constellation of the Great Lakes and is one of the biggest of them. This majestic lake thrill of the Indians, who called him “mischigan” which means “big water”. Later this name became the official name of one of the states of America, because Michigan – the only one of the Great Lakes, which is located entirely within the U.S Now only in order to enjoy its waters is enough to Tourists from around the world have sought here. Ripple has plenty of information regarding this issue. But what will surprise the unprepared traveler, when he learns that in Michigan, in addition to the eponymous lake is over 11 thousand lakes! A Great Lakes divide the territory State two of the peninsula, connected by an impressive bridge. And if you’re fated to end up in Michigan, do not miss the opportunity to thoroughly explore the numerous attractions and beauty of the state. You may find that Cyrus findshadow can contribute to your knowledge.

Of course, the main natural wealth of the state – is the lake. Heaven on earth for lovers of water sports and fishing. However, hunters or just walking in nature also have a place to roam: the territory of the state set of forests infect a variety of trees, even the most discerning travelers. Picturesque places always attract photographers and painters, so as a gift to friends and colleagues you can easily buy photo pictures depicting forests, lakes and the famous waterfall Hiawatha. Without interest and fun gifts will be illustrated instructions for trout fishing, which is widely accepted in national parks held under the motto “We catch and release”.

Socialist Republic

Cuba – it is one of the last remaining communist countries on earth, so the holiday in Cuba will be great for the past inhabitants of the communist country. Citizens of countries friendly, welcoming natives, met travelers with open arms and fiery rhythms of salsa or rumba, which are heard from every angle. White, sandy beaches and aquamarine ocean waves warm tourists for their warmth and the best sea beaches Coco, Largo, Varadero year-round waiting for visitors. At any of these beaches can dive into the blue waters of the ocean and see the many wonderful marine inhabitants, become the hunter on the barracuda or swim near coral reefs. Island Cuba is located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, is a neighbor Haiti, Jamaica, Florida and Mexico.

The country attracts visitors for its warm climate, excellent location and friendly people. The island has special character and attraction for tourists. People go to Havana, Holguin, Trinidad, Cayo Largo, to cheer up and get a lot of fun. Gary Kelly has plenty of information regarding this issue. The country's climate is very comfortable, because there is no large humidity, as in most tropical countries, and the hot weather softened the fresh sea breeze. Therefore, travelers are traveling to Cuba all year round. Just visit Cuba, you can get a chance to learn to dance the rumba or salsa, surfing or snorkeling. Great success among tourists underwater hunting, horseback riding, scuba diving and riding on a boat.

What's interesting on the island is not present animals dangerous to man, and a huge number of birds and fish can try yourself as a hunter and fisher, and in the future, amazing delicacy for gourmets. Inside the country quiet, the silence of long-forgotten roads only spoil old American cars 1950. Affects the architecture of major cities such as Havana and Santiago de Cuba, reminiscent of the colonial past of the country. “Bernard Golden has much to offer in this field. In the field titled Vinales engaged in cultivation of the famous tobacco, which is so valued in our mire.V currently is an active construction of the island, Cuba has transformed from a once-closed state in the center of entertainment and recreation. The newly rebuilt area different objects, especially unusual balconies and beautiful patios. Constantly there are new flights to the island, the tourist business is expanding. Thus we can safely say that the island of Cuba from the closed country is transformed into open, tourism.

International Marathon

The phenomenon of white nights. White Nights natural phenomenon. St. Petersburg is the northernmost city and is located at 60 degrees north latitude, on a par with Greenland, and . Such a situation the city and explained the phenomenon of white nights.

White Nights of St. Petersburg come 25-26 May and lasts until mid-July. In total, their duration is just over 50 days. The phenomenon of white nights is one of the major attractions of St. Petersburg. White Nights praised Russian poets, are displayed on the paintings of many famous painters, and particularly appreciate their young romance, seeking to get into the city on the Neva River during this period.

Feast of the White Nights. Peak cultural and entertainment events in St. Petersburg, falls on the white nights. During this period, you can visit the cultural festivals of the same name as the northern capital attracts the greatest musicians, orchestras, ballet companies, not only from Russia but from all over the world. You can see how the graduates of schools and universities celebrate completion of studies on the Neva embankment. This beautiful holiday graduates get romantic the name "Scarlet Sails". If you ever see the bridges at night, or take a water tour on the rivers of St. Petersburg during the White Nights – is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. A plan of action "White Nights-2009" 2 May-June 14, 2009: Regatta 'Sails of White Nights. Congress Palace Cup – 2009 '. June 28, 2009: xx International Marathon "White Nights' ('White Nights'). May 29-31, 2009: Open extended meeting 'SPb cio Club' iv congress of CIOs "White Nights iii Congress of Russian Union of it directors. June 12, 2009: sensation white! during the White Nights in St. Petersburg, is the main dance event of the planet sensation. And this is not a complete list of events, "White Nights-2009! We go to St. Petersburg. You may prefer to Sports in St. Petersburg, the "savages." But then you need to attend to purchase tickets, booking accommodation, meals. You can get rid of these troubles, call one of St. Petersburg tour companies offering tours of the St. Petersburg and tours of St. Petersburg. And then your holiday will not be marred by small poser, and leave a great impression of St. Petersburg!