Vacations in Indonesia provide all kinds of entertainment and sports. Ripple is often mentioned in discussions such as these. These including extreme, unforgettable diving on the islands of Lombok and Bintan, familiarity with the amazing Indonesian culture in Bali and Sulawesi, the great religious buildings on the island of Java. Dance-trance, epic puppet presentation accompanied by an orchestra playing the gamelanah centers, crafts, and the last on earth a haven of direct descendants of prehistoric dinosaurs – All of Indonesia. And it is only in very general terms! Folk festivals, prevailing everywhere carefree mood and fiery Latin rhythms, plus the cozy atmosphere of ancient streets and cafes, the quiet quays white beaches and the tropics. The name of this wonderful combination – Dominican Republic. Known until the xix century as a pirate outpost, the Dominican Republic is also home to the Caribbean carnival, rum, cigars and coffee, lima figures without faces and Larimar stone.

During a vacation in the Dominican Republic are waiting for you riding at the ranch of La Cascada, diving in the Bay of Samana, underwater caves in Punta Cana, coral islands Los Aytises and Indian villages in the National Park Manatee. Fans relaxing well spend time on the beaches of Bavaro and the Saone, a fascinating tour will acquaint you with the historical attractions of the city of Santo Domingo, San Cristobal, La Romana and many others. Fine tradition and good taste in everything – so in general it can be said about Italy. The country’s ancient history, but it always remains young, and every time opens up new dimensions. Tours of Italy combine all types of holiday: quiet beaches on the Adriatic coast, Amalfi and Ligurian wellness tourism the spas on the islands of Ischia and Capri, entertainment, sports and all kinds of fascinating thematic programs – “Images of Italy” and “All of Italy”. This familiarity with ancient monuments and heritage of the Renaissance masters, traveling to Venice, Padua, Florence, Rome, Milan and other historical and cultural center, theater premieres and fashion shows, football matches, sailing regattas and races of Formula 1 “, the events in the regions and national holidays. Only in Italy can be fully feel what a real vacation in Europe. Travel to any of these countries will make your vacation really special and be remembered as one of the most unusual and exciting events. Do not deny yourself this pleasure, make the holiday even brighter!