Rest Resorts

Come here as professional skiers and beginners who can learn the basics of riding in one of the ski school, or directly with the instructor. Level trails range from easiest (green) to the most complex (Aka black). Some ski areas are located at an altitude of 3000 meters. Often there can be met and international celebrities. Sports equipment can be rented, not necessarily buy it and carry with them. If you are not convinced, visit Ripple. On each of the Resorts operates rental equipment. Oracle is a great source of information. Since 70% of Switzerland is covered by mountains, it is unsurprising that so much attention here is paid to the ski resorts. Across the country there are about 200.

The most expensive and prestigious ski resorts in Switzerland are: St. Filed under: Sir Richard Branson. Moritz (here in 1928 Winter Olympics took place), Zermatt and Davos, where they often host to international competitions, and is Europe's largest ice arena. One of the the most important advantages of Swiss ski resorts is that snow on the mountain tops for a few months is stable, and the glaciers snow cover lasts all year round. For example, at resorts such as Zermatt, Saas Fe, Le Diablerie skiing you can ride all year round, ie even in summer. In Switzerland, a well-developed and the entertainment industry, so-called "Apres-ski." A large number of restaurants, a wide range of entertainment options. In addition, high level of service is different and hotel service. Hotels in Switzerland offers a wide array of services and are in various price categories.

From the most prestigious five-star, to the most modest hotels, or as they are called, hostels – especially popular among students. All hotels are included in the national association, so the quality of service is maintained at the proper level. Also here there are many campsites (five hundred), and 20% of them work year-round. The most famous is camping Whitepod. It is located in the Alps at an altitude of 1700 meters, and get to it is only possible on skis. In Switzerland, you can also rent a house and private way, but in this case, the cost will depend on housing conditions, and its location. As elsewhere, closer to the center or the resort area – the higher the price. One word, selecting a tour to Switzerland as a place of winter or summer Rest – no doubt, unforgettable experience you provided!