Holidays In Montenegro: The Sights And History

Increasingly popular destination for holiday recently among domestic tourists becomes Montenegro (Montenegro). Every year in this country come to rest thousands of tourists, many come here not the first time fascinated by this truly wonderful country. After all, having been in Montenegro, no one can remain indifferent at the sight of pristine, not altered by human effort of nature. Of all the researched and carefully- sleek Europe, Montenegro – the only country that is not amenable to globalization and urbanization, which has preserved its nature in almost original form. And does not cause the slightest surprise that thousands of users search sites enter the query “Sports Montenegro. Also at the hearing with tourists beaches of Montenegro.

Her somewhat gloomy rocky – sandy beaches can safely give odds to the beaches of Slovenia and Croatia. Surprising that most of tourists visiting Montenegro, are our countrymen. They are followed by Slovaks, Czechs and Slovenians. They are reasonably attractive in this country every year, improve service, reduce costs, close geographical location, and of course – the opportunity to combine beach holidays with health benefits. The most famous beach of Montenegro – a “Great beach, located in the town of Ulcinj, on the south.

In addition, this beach – one of the beaches that make up Riviera. There you can find beaches with black sand, which is their uniqueness attracts tourists from all over the world. Budva Riviera is also very popular with tourists watch. It begins with town of Petrovac. The most popular part of the Riviera – an island-hotel Sveti Stefan, which consists of more than eighty hotels. Next on the list should be the third tourist attractions in the Riviera Montenegro – notorious many Riviera. The beaches here are not such as to Ultsinskoy Riviera – they are in many places on the platforms, their carpet pebbles rather than sand – but they are not the main attraction of this place. Case that here is a health center Igalo, has reached great success in the treatment of heart disease and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. No trips to major cities with its fascinating history and unique monuments holiday in Montenegro will be incomplete. Budva, Becici, Podgorica, Tivat – you just have to visit these famous places. I can safely say that the journey to Montenegro you still have the lightest impressions. Indeed, after a journey of magnificent cities and swimming at its beautiful beaches of this country you can not forget ever!