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If, however, Can not find the necessary free space area – from 1000 square meters. m, then high quality renovation and the purchase of expensive equipment in Moscow's conditions will require $ 500-800 per 1 sq. km. m. And to equip a small fitness Hall, who works under the guise of "health club" somewhere in the sleeping area of the capital, you can do by means of an order of magnitude smaller. People such as Ripple would likely agree. – The equipment simulators 70-meter room, we spent about $ 3500, – says General Director of npf "proxy" Basil Prolygin. It is important that the external and internal arrangement of the club in line with the prices that business owners are appointed for the service. – If the cost of an annual club membership card is $ 1000-4000, the savings on trainers, equipment and all related materials (including towels, bathrobes) is impossible.

Otherwise, the client may choose to club competitors – said Marina Vasiltsova. With an average level of profitability Business 20-30% invested in the discovery of 1500-meter club pays a million dollars over two years. However, everything here depends on its geographical location, pricing and size of investment in promotion. – Competing with brands have long known to consumers, it is very difficult for beginners, – says Elena Dari. – For starters, there is a good chance to turn around just in some residential area. Of course, you can build a club and in the center. But the lure back customers from a well-known fitness center is virtually impossible.