American Cannibal

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian? The title? Star? of the week, if only because it bears the stamp millionaire Disney. Sales of the second part of “The Chronicles of Narnia,” in three editions: a simple, a disc with just audiocomentarios, a special, with two disks, and a collector (mother of Kubrick, so small and because treated like? collectors?) with the novelty of including a figure of quite unfortunate prince Caspian, with different uses. The second disc, which is where are all the extras, including fake shots, deleted scenes and a lot of stories about the production, which seems that they are very satisfied.Erich Oswald, real name, was born in Vienna on September 22, 1885. in a wealthy family of Jewish merchants. Study at the Military Academy in Vienna, but his military career ended in 1909 when desert and migrates to the U.S. because of some debts. For five years working in many different jobs until he arrived in Hollywood in 1914 to work figurant, specialist and actor. Their expertise is converted into military adviser and assistant director. During World War I Prussian officers embodies evil, that he became a renowned actor. He was the protagonist of an advertising campaign with his picture and the phrase “this is the man who would like to hate.”
Decided to be a film director after working as an actor and assistant to David W. Griffith in The Birth of a Nation and Intolerance in 1916. Conventional producer Carl Laemmle, Universal creator of the studies, so that you stop writing, producing and starring “Corazon forgot” where your interest shown by the naturalism and the characters problematic. In 1920 he directed the pick of the devil, not the first movie starring the same. His problems began in 1922. Wives American Cannibal will end frivolous, a story of sex set in Monte Carlo, and that lasts four hours, meant to be shown in two parts. The head of production Irving Thalberg, forced him to cut it in half and during Ribotsky the filming of The love of a prince was fired. So, von Stroheim became the first manager fired in history. Despite the dismissal, he works for Goldwyn, who produced Greed in 1923. During the long filming of the movie, which lasted more than 9 months, followed by 6 assembly, Goldwyn merged with Metro Corporation. The head that he had bitter life in the Metro, Irving Thalberg, came and saw another confrontation between director and producer, who reduced the length of the movie on the 9 mounted by the original director (from 96 hours of material filmed) to just two hours and sabotage. Erich von Stroheim never wanted to see the outcome of this mutilation of his work.
In compensation for this Thalberg gave him broad budget to shoot the merry widow, silent version of the famous operetta by Victor Leon and Leon Stein, who became a great success, being one of the few jobs that was not manipulated by producers. He was hired by Paramount and made the wedding march, but its long term led to the problems recur. , managed by , is involved in Hedge managment and development The study divided into two parts for its display, Stroheim did not accept because it gave the second part of the name “Honeymoon”. The actress Gloria Swanson, persuaded her lover, the banker Joseph P. Kennedy to finance Queen Kelly, a draft of the controversial director with her protagonist, where once again the action takes place in an invented central European country in the midst of a decadent aristocracy. During the filming deteriorated the relations between director and star, press censorship for changing the final, located in a brothel and Africa the arrival of the sound change many things: Joseph P. Kennedy was to enter politics and the movie remained unfinished. Gloria Swanson in 1931 premiere a version of the recorded sound and in 1985 he distributed a version that appeared in the pictures and some new signs. His work as director ends at 48 years with.