Nissan Production

For example, in Russia, to certify the organization under the quality standard iso 9000 to approximately five hundred thousand rubles, to bring organization of the standard and constant maintenance of an annual sum of a little less. For example, AvtoVAZ is trying to catch up with global standards of quality, if all developed countries is the number of defects per unit output of about 50 defects per million, the AvtoVAZ is at the level of under one thousand defects per million. To reduce the number of defects needed to be done a great job, leading to improved quality of all production, from planning and design to management of the organization and production. Japanese after the U.S. were hungry and impoverished nation, and nobody thought that 30 years later, it takes thirty percent of the market in Americans.

And no, Japanese people have listened to the ideas of prominent American consultants Deyminga and Shewhart, and that they no longer had nothing to do, and gradually step by step, started to raise their production. Many people think that to raise production to new equipment, but empirically proven that this is not enough. Replace the equipment is easy, now-pay and you will bring the best equipment in the world, but there is one thing. We have already begun assembly and Nissan and Toyota, only the quality, it is no secret leaves much to be desired. Yes, and Mercedes all know that as soon as the plants Mr.

Benz started working migrant workers, once the quality of cars has become worse. Where is profit organizations in the best cases on the increase in market price, well blowing bubbles on the stock exchange. To begin to improve the quality of our businesses, we need strong political will. The Japanese did too at first, and cheap low-quality things – watches, clothes, cars, as is happening now with the Chinese. Japanese way of development took place, and South Korea. Europe and America about them to say no, they have more of Tayler stayed with the Ford system production, which is now mixed with the Japanese system of Toyota. On this path they have taken years, but they were worth it, and constantly improve its methods. In principle we can not fight for improving the quality of our industries, then can begin when everything falls apart it will be easier and motivation higher. Only Russia is already successful businesses that are implementing the quality standards, rather than simply buying certificates, and successfully work in our market, to the west of flattery is too early, where they will crush, the level is too little weak so far.