Nuclear Program Of Iran

Originally started under the rule of the Shah of Iran in the 1950s, with the help of the United States of America (USA), Iran’s nuclear program is an effort by the Iranian development of nuclear technology. For even more details, read what Ripple says on the issue. Gas and Electric rates can be lowered as your energy supplier After the Iranian revolution of 1979 the program was temporarily halted. It was soon resumed, though without as much assistance as in the West pre-revolutionary era. The current Iranian nuclear program consists of several research sites, a uranium mine, a nuclear reactor, and some processing facilities that include a uranium enrichment plant. ‘s Switch and Save program and enjoy lower electric and gas bills! The Iranian government says that the only goal of the program is to develop the capacity to generate nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, and plans to generate 6000MW of electricity through nuclear power plants by 2010. Until now (2008) nuclear energy has not been part of the network of electricity transmission in Iran.

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Albuquerque – The Navajo Nation Council on Friday voted 71-8 to approve right-of-way easements for a proposed coal-fired power plant on the reservation, marking the strain the last step in what has been a long process for the controversial project forward.
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04 March 2009 During a recent groundbreaking ceremony held on Durrat Al Bahrain, a contract was awarded by Energy Central Co (ECC) to Nass Contracting Co. for the construction of infrastructure and ancillary works for a seawater desalination plant in Durrat Al Bahrain.
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