Good Listening, But Language Poorly Understand?

Nationwide forsa study hearing presents first results of Berlin/Kreuztal, may 2008 – 15 million people in Germany have a limited hearing. However, not all feeling this way, because many of them can hear really well and have only difficulty understanding spoken words. Now the renowned forsa Institute on behalf of the professional community of HorRex in a nationwide survey has examines the modern hearing aids can help those people, have problems with the understanding of the language. First results of the study, which was initiated by the HorRex listen acoustic EC, one of the leading performance communities of German listening acoustics industry, could be presented for the first time the public. A total of 1,893 people, 1,067 men and women 816, participated as test volunteers in the study, which took place in the period May 2007 to January 2008. Everyone was together that they had found their own deficits in understanding spoken words. All Study participants tested for two weeks’ latest hearing aids of the world’s leading manufacturers in the usual everyday, so Jutta Krey of the forsa Institute, project leader of forsa study hearing.

We have then captured both the wishes and expectations of the subjects, as well as their experience with the new equipment by means of scientific methods and evaluated.\” Early visit to the acoustician protects a for the first time presented findings from deficits in language understanding: through the subjective impression to be able to hear, actually still pretty good people delay the necessary visit at a hearing over the years. So 40 percent of study participants, who were still not hearing up to the time of the investigation, five years lived and more consciously perceived difficulty of language understanding. Almost one in five had these problems even more than ten years. And found only every tenth respondent, who had previously had no experience with hearing aids, within the first twelve months, where problems occurred, the path to the acoustician. Many people who have difficulty in understanding, perceiving these deficits and have very specific improvement needs for their language processing stand\”, Tannassia Raghavan, Managing Director HorRex hearing acoustics EC States. Infinity Real Estate: the source for more info.