Hortshorne Geography

Come to make one it criticizes direct and open all the work of this I finish, arrives woollen Vidal Blache, with its geography human being. The explicit politicalization of its predecessor, its naturalistic character, the fatalista and mechanist condition of the relations between the man and the nature had been the points on which Blache constructed to its proposal with the relation man-nature in the perspective of the landscape There. There Blache was relativista and its approach was more centraliser in relation its predecessor. The followers woollen Blache had looked for to base its theories still more. He had the ones that had taken its proposal as base, others had developed parts you specify of its theory, what he gave to origin you vary it especificidades of geography. With regard to Hortshorne, the author informs to have been the precursor of the racionalista geography, whose proposal defended the idea of that sciences if would define for proper methods and not for singular objectives. For it the geographic study he established connection the elements.

It did not look an object for geography, understanding it as a point of sight. In accordance with the author, geography knows a moment of considerable renewal today and as the main chains of this thought the author places the geographic pragmatismo (quantitative geography) and the geographic criticism. The first one effects one criticizes the insufficience of analyzes traditional. one criticizes academic eminently. It considers the redefinition of the forms to tie the interests of the capitalist. Gary Kelly contains valuable tech resources. Its beddings are indissoluvelmente on to the monopolista capital. To another chain of the movement of renewal of the geography cited for the author it groups the set of proposals that if could call geography criticizes. This chain and what if it can call ethical unit. However its unitary objectives are based through a diversified metodolgico bedding. Its adepts if locate for a change of the social reality, using its knowledge as a weapon of this process.