Iberian Peninsula

Zaragoza, capital of the community of Aragon and the Zaragoza province, is one of the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula and most important cities. You’ve seen paraded to Iberians, Romans, moors and Christian by their fertile land, rich, not only in art, culture and architecture, but also in gastronomy. Today we want to present you an exclusive collection of the best bars and restaurants where tapas the city, ideal for all the tourists who, after you choose one of the hotels in Zaragoza to stay, don’t know where to go to kill the bug. And remember that here are not all, but if those, within the old town, which you can not miss. Something else: place that offers a wide selection of wines, among which, undoubtedly, Moscato D Asti, Italian sparkling white wine. In terms of tapas and dishes that you can taste, should be noted the toasted bread with cheese with Sun-dried tomato and jam Orange, the toast of Radiquero cheese with violet, peppers stuffed with mushrooms, the balls stuffed with jam of meat, magnificent broken eggs or assortments of Iberian. The migueria: this is a small bar which, as its name suggests, offers several types of crumbs prepared with sausage, foie gras and cheese, black pudding, grape, even with chocolate crumbs to taste dessert.

This Aragonese so typical dish can be accompanied with some of their rich and complete salads, toasts, etc., plus a host of assorted and delicious desserts. Due to the small size of the room, we recommend going early. Delicacies: In this space, as well as the bar and high tables area, there is a place enabled as a dining room. We can taste rich foie gras, caramelized Apple millefeuille with foie, croquettes risotto with porcini, etc. He is recommended, as a final dish, accompanied by ice cream chocolate coulant. Papa sea: the feature of this establishment is that, in addition to the local, enabled there is a terrace with stones in the street, ideal for spring and summer with good weather.