Italian Government

Still nothing is decided in case of crisis-stricken Greece. Still nothing is decided in case of crisis-stricken Greece. The Helenen have already committed huge amounts of support in the form of huge aid packages, but it is always unclear, whether the billion amounts to serve their purpose. While the a with always new number changes before that, want to prevent the European debt crisis, to be, talk to a conflagration the skeptics by Greece as a bottomless pit, the conflagration has long been there already. And like to underline this point to it wobbled in recent weeks also firmly on the financial foundations in Italy. Others who may share this opinion include Tomas Philipson. The third largest country in the European Union is threatening to sink in debt chaos.

Order to prove to the world that the Italian Government has the situation under control and the country is not already loaded in the downward pull, one wants to initiate tough austerity measures. Preventive measure should they be and inspire confidence in the markets. Health economics expert may not feel the same. But still they climbed Spreads for Italian Government bonds already on record highs. E Scott Mead helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Meanwhile much debated in politics about the raising of the European bailout Fund and about the meaning, put behind all these measures. “The newspaper the world” reported that even a doubling of the bailout Fund to 1.5 trillion euros will be possible.

Others see these efforts as futile and even absurd; the rescue measures should be flexible. Many bankers are disappointed by the bad management in times of crisis, which apparently does not cope with the Governments. Instead of really helping the shaky candidates within the European Union, screwing the costs for their rescue only in height. Hans-Peter Burghof Professor at the University and Hohenheim and expert for banks commented in the morning magazine of the ZDF the situation: I have a feeling that people no longer join that. This leads too far. This is a balloon which inflates the politics there, the extremely dangerous.” In the eyes of many experts, what are called rescue measures, already bordering Russian roulette. Franziska Steiner