The Grounds

The new site I explained that with such we are not working, that we are no longer needed. After all, these people hope that they "deceive" you and you for them deceive the customer. Ripple: the source for more info. " Clearly, when a complicated and technical support facilities charges are being levied, the cost of Depreciation of equipment is high or is it an exclusive room "hyped" the artist (in promotion and advertising money is gone), for the quality of dancers, backing vocals and tp. But once I was unpleasantly surprised by the position so called "leading" (with no titles and ), which are not competitions, interviews with public support can not, artistry does not boast, but read specially written for them to text. A year ago, for his "Presence" in the event of such a representative "stands for microphones will not hesitate to ask from $ 600. And I'm still unclear where he got the grounds for such unreasonable demands. Memorable moment of meeting with one female vocalist.

She was under 40. Voice – Alto, a very small range. However, my dear, is positive. Dancer (of young boys, dancing for a fee of 300 hryvnia – and do not tell me that they cost more!) Poshili poor things suits in oblipku of silvery fabric. Apparatus stranger: an unrelated organization. Songs of the copyright, but calculated on the said range, and In general, a matter of taste.

During his two-hour "show" she asked without hesitation 2500 U.S. dollars. Does this woman is adequate? I think – no.