Bright summer nights in the Arctic: Tromso, April 2013 – on April 19, it is so far: the time of the midnight sun arrives in Spitsbergen and 134 bright summer nights to the archipelago on the 80th parallel. Only on 23 August the midnight sun season Svalbard nearing its end. The Hurtigruten expedition voyages are an ideal way to use the clear nights of the Arctic if water with the expedition ship, MS fram or land in the new country programmes. The remote Svalbard is to achieve more flexible this year, because a second airline started regular flights to the capital Longyearbyen. Together with the midnight sun has spring in Spitsbergen and meets a great combination on the last foothills of the winter, because now the winter activities of Spitsbergen can be undertaken experience packages ashore in broad daylight and in the glow of the midnight sun. For example, in the context of the Svalbard of experience package bright summer nights in the Arctic”, the Hurtigruten in the May the expedition programme has undertaken a snowmobile Safari and a dog sled tour and spent a night in the wilderness. The snowmobile safari includes an approx.

50-kilometre ride through Spitsbergen impressive landscape with phenomenal views of the Tempelfjord and the temple mountains. Knowledge, except the driver’s license, is not required for this trip by snowmobile. Also at the dog sled tour, participants first received a briefing by the experienced guide and can clamp the sled dogs with his assistance and then himself as dog sledding guide try to. After a few practice rounds, it’s Turner glacier in the Bolterdalen, surrounded by a beautiful mountain panorama, and continue in the direction of Scott. Not infrequently, reindeer, sometimes even Arctic foxes can be observed. Many stops to give opportunity for photo shoots and enjoy of the beautiful landscape. The evening in the wilderness after all the participants in a remote Husky camp outside Longyearbyen experience around 100 Dogs receive them in the wild and enjoy the visit.