North Atlantic

After a flying visit to Bjornoya, the most southern island of the Svalbard archipelago, the Hurtigruten expedition ship crossing the North Atlantic: the colourful university town of Tromso takes mountains with stopovers in the Lofoten Islands and the Arctic circle along the Norwegian coast of the fjord to the Hanseatic City. Travel from the 18th to the 29.9.2014 costs the 12 days from 4022 euro per person (including flights to/from Germany). To find expeditions voyages catalog for the first time in the Hurtigruten, country programmes, developed by the company together with its subsidiary company Spitsbergen travel are multi-day Spitsbergen. The three five days tours are available all year round and offer highlights corresponding to the seasons: from ice caving dog sledding and snowmobile tours up to Polarcirkel boat safaris. The packages include two, three or four nights and can be booked from 586 euro per person. “New Europe travel: island hopping in the Atlantic of the fascinating islands of the Atlantic Ocean is at the heart of the new travel islands of eternal spring”: from the start port Las Palmas brings the MS fram Guests of the smaller Canary Islands, El Hierro and La Gomera to the flower island of Madeira. Afterwards, the Hurtigruten expedition ship takes course on the remote Azores, before the 12-day trip in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon ends.

The trip is booked for the date from the 1st April 12, 2014 from 1.992 euro per person. “Trans-Atlantic travel: new ports on the road traveling from continent to continent on MS fram waiting with new highlights: treasures of the Atlantic Ocean” leads from the 14.3. until the 1.4.2014 from Las Palmas to Buenos Aires via new stopovers: the hustle and bustle-Harbor City, Montevideo, city of Paraty built in the colonial, the paradisiacal island of Fernando de Noronha, the right on the Equator St.-Peter and St. Pauls archipelago and the Cape Verde island of Sao Vicente.