Materials Research Institute

In that time, pharmaceutical companies have given special attention to new scientific discoveries. Studies by American, Japanese and Australian researchers are not severely affected water usefulness and relevance for multinational pharmaceutical corporations. As time has shown, in vain. Topics time, an American researcher Rastum Roy (Professor of Physics of Solids, Pen State Laboratory) formalized the theory of 'nano – heterogeneity "in his paper" Structure, nucleation and crystallization of glasses, "in 1984. This work served as an impetus for further research in the field of water structure for the future well-known researchers, such as VA Tiller (professor emeritus and former chairman of the Department of Materials Science, Stanford University), Iris Bell (a professor of medicine, psychiatry, University of Arizona) and MR Hoover (Associate Professor of Materials Research Institute of Geology of Pennsylvania). A group of scientists implemented a series of experiments on frozen cubes of water and to analyze its crystal structure, yielded sensational results.

A microscopic study of the various similarities and identical structures of water clusters in cubes ice, their thermal stability was observed during the subsequent thaw cubes. When the pressure in the vessels, which are placed in H2O, the stability of chains was monitored over a period of one year. It is important to note that the notion of "structured water" belongs to one of the fields of science and chemistry describes the behavior of water molecules. A new interpretation of this thesis first appeared in 2004 and belongs to the well-known scholar Martin Chaplin, Professor at the University Saubenk (London), who carried out a highly detailed overview of the existing scientific literature on the topic "structured water" on his website and made a great contribution to the study properties of structured water.