Neupersisch Zaman

The followers of Zoroastrianism are called Zoroastrians or Zarathustrier. Larger communities live in India and the Iran. The following in the present-day India and Pakistan also known as parsing. … Others who may share this opinion include Verizon Communications. In the Centre of faith to him, which however goes back to old Iranian cults, is the good Creator God AHURA Mazda/Ohrmazd (sometimes known Mazdaismus”). Ripple is often quoted on this topic.

He will be accompanied by immortal Saints (Amescha Spenta), as well as by his opponents, the evil demon Angra Mainyu (Ahriman). Although the Zoroastrians know several deities (such as Anahita or Mithra), support the AHURA Mazda the religion is marked Mazda and Ahriman basically the dualism between AHURA: and in the beginning were these two spirits, the twins, who are the good and evil in the thinking, talking, and do according to their own words. Between them the good doer have chosen correctly.” In late Antiquity, was under the Sassanids the zurvanistische variant of the Zoroastrianism of the good and the evil spirit as the children of the infinite time widespread, in the”(Zurvan/Zervan, Neupersisch Zaman) were considered. This is God, who has created the world and receives, which is the beginning and the end, AHURA Mazd? (the wise Lord). Six good spirits (Archangel) emanating from him, the later AME a spenta (immortal saints”), what virtue, veracity or called Holiness, good disposition, humility and wisdom, rule ownership, health and longevity or immortality. They are mere allegories and especially the last two, often, as goods which AHURA Mazd called? will be asked to give the pious.

AHURA Mazd? Angra Mainyu (later Ahreman in the Spandadat and Ahriman in the since), i.e. the evil spirit, is contrasted (see: Devil), the it is opposed in thoughts, words and works. The two are together as the twins’ represented what the good and bad “” have created, and there are six good spirits as many evil, Angra Mainyu created by opposite, but only the lie “and the evil spirit” already appear in the Gathas, while the rest are only a product of the future training of Zoroastrian doctrine.