Rocket Attack On Camp Liberty

A condemnation of the German diplomacy Berlin/Baghdad, 1 March 2013 who is interested for the Iran and the fate of its people, encounters almost inevitably the most organized Iranian opposition, the Volksmodjahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK). This is defamed still in the Internet and also in politics and abused for more than problematic deals of the West with the mullahs. But there is not only the political dimension, to determine the Volksmodjahedin. The supporters and sympathizers of that legitimate opposition groups suffer for decades not only in the Iran but also in exile. Over 3,000 Iranian opposition lived for 26 years in camp Ashraf in the Iraq, also called Ashraf city, because the camp has been transformed into tireless work of people over the years into a true oasis.

Ashraf experienced times of armed resistance as well as the bombing by the U.S. Army, without ever a hostile action against the United States army was committed. It followed a time of relative protection between 2003-2009 by Americans. During this time, the exiled Iranians in the camp were protected against the attacks of the mullahs and Iraqi militias. It was based on an agreement that between the US Army and each inhabitant has been completed.

It included the guaranteed protection by the U.S. Army until there would be a so-called final solution (distribution in third countries or returning to a liberated Iran). Were the United States excising the promised protection function In 2009 everything changed. The United States handed over the protection without the consent of the Shah to an Iraqi Government that approaches the mullahs, to stay in power through them. Al-Maliki and his commanders made commitments while, but these were soon broken. After two massacres by Iraqi forces, who were under the direct command of the Iraqi Government, camp Ashraf should be given definitively at the behest of the mullahs.