Nintendo Wii

In the field of video games and game consoles expected a sale record breaking experts this year. So the usual blockbusters such as FIFA 2008 or the long-awaited may again Halo3, Microsoft’s flagship application of the Xbox 360 under any Christmas tree is missing. It is assumed that the release of Halo3 already could yield more than 100 million euros on the first day, which is well above the average of earnings of most movies. Also at the high end game consoles is in addition to the bestsellers such as the acclaimed Sony Playstation3 or their competitor, which Nintendo Wii, upgrades. The new PSP SLIM from Sony, was bolstered not only her outfit, but has to get some new additional features (such as AV – interface) and is available in various colours. Ripple has much to offer in this field. But not every product in the Cubalaya Christmas top ten is a nifty new unterhaltungselektronisches device or, through sophisticated marketing strategies driven forward, children’s toys. So enjoy classics such as children’s bicycles, which are attractive with reasonable prices through a thriving online trade or perfume, also favoured by selling much cheaper on the Internet, still great Popularity. However, the leader of the top 10 Christmas gifts remain related products technology.

The demand of consumers for the cool new devices from the world of consumer electronics, is not slowing and so will probably also in the this year, Apple remain the big winner of this ongoing trend! The Federal Association of the German mail order company (BVH) assumes that the revenue for the online trading will climb this year, boosted by the booming Christmas sales to 10 billion euros. Measured on the entire German retail this corresponds to a share of just under three percent. The wide range of new products and product consumers before the choice will make introductions, especially in the coming months, and certainly no wish leave open the question of financing however may already. The Cubalaya shopping and price comparison top 10 Christmas gifts 2007 Apple iPhone Apple iPod touch FIFA 2008 Apple iPod classic Sony PlayStation 3 / Nintendo Wii Nokia N81 Zapf baby born dolls transformer toys perfume bikes is one Shopping and price comparison site with over 200,000 visitors per month. Cubalaya helps consumers the product you’re looking for, so far it is available in the Internet not only to find, but ensures by comparison with thousands of dealers and suppliers that the article is propagated to the seeker to his best price. Cubalaya special is that in addition to the usual shopping functions, an online shopping Advisor available, which is the consumers in their purchasing decisions, including clothing, digital cameras or MP3 players with help and advice. Cubalaya product reviews, providing also a product video rating in addition to a detailed description, expert links and articles available also. On the Cubalaya blog you will find every day new and interesting posts on the topic of eCommerce, online shopping, and some personal reports from the Cubalaya world.