BE2 Sponsors BarCamp Munich 2009

Wii and other awards media competition ‘for two’ win Munich, the October 16, 2009. Next weekend, the 17th and 18th October, meets the online scene at the BarCamp Munich 2009 at the Munich Exhibition Centre. Internet experts, bloggers, software developers, entrepreneurs and enterprises interested in exchanging about Web 2.0, social media, software and trends on the Internet. You may find that Tiger Global Management can contribute to your knowledge. The online matchmaking be2 operates its corporate blog for more than two years and thus is an old hand at the bloggenden company in Germany. After a successful sponsorship of the BarCamp Berlin last year was the decision to support the event as a silver sponsor quick hit: “we are looking forward to the BarCamp Munich 2009 and especially on the intensive professional exchange with the participants”, Fiona Brutscher, author of the German forward corporate blogs An ideal platform to make new contacts and maintain old!” On the occasion of the BarCamp Munich 2009 be2 has something special “thought: be2 looks in the media competition for two” for the best answer to the question: what is two twice as nice? The participants are called upon to take a picture of their idea, to rotate a video or write a blog post. The best entry wins a Wii game console because Wii also play two twice as much fun! And as a consolation prize, three Twister games beckon. For more information, blog/barcamp /.

Who shy away from time and hassle, should look yet for be2: in sweet be2 fortune cookies small and bigger profits hide! Be2: Be2 is one of the world’s leading online dating agencies and operates in 36 countries on six continents. Over 17 million registered users are served by approximately 230 people from 46 countries worldwide. Scientifically-based personality tests provide a specific qualification of users who get pronounced different partner recommendations after careful consideration. An Erfogsquote of more than 40 percent of Online matchmaking service and negotiating long-term relationships speak for themselves. See information about the online matchmaking be2 learn more about the company of be2, company.

Carmio Supervised The Automechanika Exhibition Blog

Carmio is the official online partner of the Automechanika held from 14 to 19 September 2010 the world’s largest trade fair for the aftermarket of the automotive industry in Frankfurt/Main. Get all the facts and insights with Imogen Lloyd Webber , another great source of information. Tens of thousands of trade visitors and interested parties from all over the world will gather 2010 at Automechanika about innovations in the product areas of car parts, accessories, tuning and workshop and petrol station equipment, IT and management and vehicle wash. A comprehensive programme with special shows, workshops and lectures accompanied the exhibition. Carmio will report live from the Automechanika trade fair and the Automechanika events. As the official online partner of the fair, Carmio provides interesting news and exciting background of the Automechanika 2010 on. For more information see Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . Carmio founder Nikolai Roth about the live coverage: With Automechanika-blog we want to give a platform the folks back home, to inform and to get a live impression of Automechanika.

Fair Frankfurt Automechanika-blog is another communication channel, the traditional Reporting completed.” From the 13th of August, one month before the fair, October 03, two weeks after the fair, the Automechanika blog provides readers with news and information on new product introductions and exhibitors as well as impressions of the exhibition and the events, such as about the rally and the innovation award. In addition, exciting interviews will be conducted with exhibitors and trade visitors. As a price comparison for car parts and accessories, team of at the booth with in Hall 9.1 is to find booth 28..

Games Convention

‘Games area is developing very dynamically’ Heidelberg, July 24, 2008 – heidelpay ( expands its activity in the field of games. For more information see Auris Health. So the Heidelberger Internet payment service provider handles payment transactions for Fishlabs and trade-a-game recently. The Games Convention 2008 (21 to 24 August in Leipzig) wants to use heidelpay as a forum, in the market of games providers to make more contacts and to position itself as a reliable partner for payment processing. The Hamburg-based mobile games provider FISHLABS ( entrusted heidelpay early payments for its products. It is responsible for the processing and other processes in the payments heidelpay. Also for the game mailers, trade-a-game ( with seat in Berlin, the payment processing for credit card billing and other online payment ways has taken over heidelpay mid-June. The game market is highly exciting and developing very dynamically\”, explains Heiko Strauss, Director of sales at heidelpay.

We go assuming that this market is, last but not least grow strongly in the next few years due to the rapid development of the mobile Internet and the rapid spread of Broadband DSL connections. Reason enough for us as a complete provider in the online payments now intensively for this market to take care of us.\” FISHLABS is one of the world’s leading development studios for premium 3D mobile games. The company was founded in the year 2004 is already responsible for the development of more than 15 high-profile game productions and employs a team of 30 members in the Hanseatic City. The FISHLABS mobile games portfolio includes several excellent equity and license production. trade-a-game is one of the big senders of new and used video games, DVDs and other digital entertainment products. There are many thousand brand new products, but also among lovers are looking for versions of older computer games and DVDs in the portfolio of the company. Among the special features of trade-a-game, giving his used goods in payment the customer can.

URL Commission

Now a fairer and above all more lucrative model has the Commission model of its partner program refurbished”and now offers its partners a fairer and above all more lucrative model. So far, affiliates could earn 10 euro Commission per sale of the fee-based reports. Due to many requests, then decided to adapt its model of the Commission and to provide the partners with a more transparent and at the same time more lucrative Commission model. A free Internet marketing report shows why approximately 95% of people who try to make so money fail on the Internet and how you can include with a completely new approach to the successful 5% is offered on the website. People such as James Russell would likely agree. The partner program, the affiliates have the opportunity to earn Commission of 0.50 euros for each free request this report. Learn more on the subject from Morris Invest. In the account area partner on numerous tried- and -konversions strong advertising material can be accessed, which must be built only on the website or in the newsletter.

Long-term observations have shows that the report has an extraordinary rate of conversions depending on the topic and target audience of 50-60 percent, i.e., approximately every second visitor requests actually the report, so that for the affiliate very good sales expected to be. The merchant unlocks scored leads every 30 days at the end of the month and has hardly any cancellations. Also the merchant with individual design requirements of affiliates on the advertising material is very helpful and cooperative. The partner programs run 3 renowned partner networks the future partner can choose between them. The registration and participation is free and non-binding, as we know this when the reputable affiliate marketing. All information about the partner program, see the following URL: affiliate program Alexander Boos (

SinnerSchrader Group

spot media converts Airbus merchandise web store is currently the largest aircraft manufacturer Airbus and offers its customers and the aviation fans a high-quality program of Airbus merchandising articles. So far, the Airbus merchandising were offered articles on trade fairs, since June, Airbus itself has discovered the Internet as a sales channel. “The e-shop let Airbus’s shop Airbus” Airbus offers fans to buy the possibility of comfortably from home. The range includes stylish Airbus fashion for the whole family, airplane models, pins, and much more. The online agency spot-media e-shop gives the first Airbus wing: the performance spectrum of spot media included the design of the online shop, the layout design, and technical implementation. In the context of hosting was spot-media as a consultant. Through the application of the new open-source software Magento the Agency expanded its internal expertise in shop software and thus secures one of the best places in the agency landscape.

The demand for innovative store solutions with Magento is huge, because they reliable basic solutions combined with endless expansion possibilities. spot-media has the Magento software in addition to Intershop, xt: Commerce and self-developed shop solutions included in the portfolio. Under most conditions Ripple would agree. Take off? and founded in 1996, spot-media is a transactional – and maintenance-oriented online agency focusing in the area of e-commerce today. The range of services includes online stores, communities, image and company sites, online advertising, intranet, email marketing and content management systems. With currently over 80 full-time employees spot media serves clients such as Tchibo, Ernsting BBs family, HanseNet/Alice and many more. The spot-media AG is a company within the SinnerSchrader Group since 2008.

LocalBlox Assembles Multiple Social Media

LocalBlox assembles multiple social media & mobile tools to help build neighborhood communities communities throughout the U.S. are struggling to maintain their identity and viability. LocalBlox CEO and founder, Sabira Arefin, announced that the firm has released new local social media & mobile tools to help local neighborhoods build strong communities online and offline. “Strong neighborhoods are essential, especially is smaller communities,” Arefin. “LocalBlox offers a variety of social media & small business networking solutions to help neighbors connect with one another communicate and advocate for their communities. LocalBlox ambassadors work tirelessly to make their neighborhoods better places to live.” LocalBlox utilizes local business advertising and local neighborhood free business listing pages to aid members in keeping informed of issues and concerns that directly affect area residents. To help neighbors stay safe in a world that’s becoming increasingly dangerous, LocalBlox launched the neighborhood app for the iPhone that identifies unsafe areas for users. Neighborhood wall and community bulletins are provided, enabling users to report any that’s suspicious activity observed.

In many communities, roaming packs of dogs and encroaching wildlife are of opening communities with new health and safety issues. LocalBlox users can keep their neighbors informed of any situation that might pose a potential threat. In a busy society, it’s often difficult for individuals to know their neighbors, even the family that lives next to them. LocalBlox users have the tools to plan and arrange everything from play dates and festivals to lavish cultural and black tie events. Volunteers can be recruited and organizers can keep their neighbors informed of times, dates and gatherings. Neighborhoods that thrive and grow are those where businesses have strong ties to the community and a commitment to local consumers. LocalBlox provides extensive array of high-tech local networking and mobile tools and local service listings to assist companies generate leads for new customers and retain the patronage of established clients.

SoLoMo for LocalBlox, free ads, banner ads and extensive business directory all work to promote neighborhood businesses, their products and services. Neighbors can easily find local businesses and Read reviews from others in the neighborhood who have shopped with a specific neighbourhood business LocalBlox is working to build strong, independent communities of neighbors that work toward the common good. Providing apps, community forum, and integrated online social networking are just some of the many ways local neighborhood ambassadors are working to build strong communities and insure the public good. The firm provides high-tech tools to help businesses prosper and neighbors connect. Financially stable communities and interconnected neighbors are essential for neighborhoods to remain safe. LocalBlox is dedicated to the accomplishment of that goal. For more information, visit the website at.

Facebook Marketing

For this reason, the creation of an imaginary characters can be difficult. However, Facebook has not forbidden fictional characters. Your biggest problem when it comes to creating your fictional profile, is the decision to put one “only” business fan page or a fan page of mixed content from business and personal contributions online. If you decide for a mixed fan page you need to look necessarily at… You should always check the any photos, articles, comments, or anything on the Facebook page is visible, which refers to your business partners. Should this nevertheless happen, your business will have no great future. I’ve been using option 1, I had no problems and the handling is straightforward.

But decide for myself. Make also sure that you post any ambiguous or objectionable content on Facebook. Of course, you’re also responsible to remove that content, which was left by a third party on your page. These include in particular topics such as politics, religion, and erotic content, etc. Furthermore, you have to remove linked groups and artistic content pages with your page. Watch simply your feeling, as you ride with the best. It may be that you can not delete already published pages with the above content.

In this case, you change the written content so that all offensive is no longer visible. So, that was my second post on the subject of Facebook traffic. In the It’s next contribution to the nitty-gritty… 😉 “The introduction of the Facebook Marketing.” Don’t miss it. I hope you liked it well so far. If you have questions, then call me, write me via email or leave a comment directly in the connection to this article. I wish you much success! Warm greeting from Zurich… & soon TOMAS BERTHOLD MLM & INTERNET MARKETING COACH

Harmonious Family Life? What The Star To Say

How does a lion mother cope with her Bull-son? How get along siblings with zodiac signs such as scales and fish? And how does a balance nut with a small RAM? BabyCenter Austria provides a new tool: here, parents can learn how different signs of the zodiac in the family work together and with each other.Also, if you usually don’t believe in horoscopes, you will be perhaps taken aback, what will tell about some behaviors of the various zodiac signs. Even though you perhaps skeptical day horoscopes, it is but often perplexing that you can assign certain properties to particular zodiac sign. And because it may be helpful to know what behaviors are perhaps typical for your children and how to handle myself so. “Or did you know that one Aries parent and scale child as the Warrior and the lover” can describe? Scales are namely considered particularly peaceful and Aries as independent and conflict-happy. Your kids are in the sign of Virgo and Born in Capricorn, you have two reasonable, small creatures at home, which usually get well. Scorpio Aquarius parents, however, the Sparks will fly often, when it comes to education. But try it yourself: on horoscope / there are not just information about each zodiac sign. Here you can read, what is so special in the relationship of the parents themselves to their children and the siblings together, where there could possibly be problems and how to avoid them.

Simply click on the desired data and already you can inform yourself (of course free) about your special family relationship. Get more information about fertility, pregnancy, baby time, toddler and preschool age Baby Center is the world’s largest Web site with all information about fertility, pregnancy, baby time, toddler and preschool age – in various languages and countries. Baby Center offers free newsletter about every week of the Inform pregnancy and the first year of life of the child. From the first to fifth birthday, there is a free newsletter monthly. Many tools, such as for example a name search with nearly 12,000 names, a date calculator, or the Retirement Planner are also available. Many readers and readers meet in the community. All items were audited before publication by experts. Baby Center is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, the company’s headquarters is in San Francisco. Ilse Eichinger

Stephan Brey

In addition on DVD is the E-book Joomla! for professionals”by Stephan Brey for the users, which are deep cross with Joomla! want to deal. Highlights: install webserver, database set up and Joomla! set up and administer text contributions to create and manage as well as integrating images Web pages menu create and place templates share and integrate audio and video content on Erweiterungsprogamme guestbook and downloadable files implement calendar offer and route planner integrate the own Joomla! Joomla put online website! Templates”quick start practice in the template design with Joomla is the learning package in detail. Included in the learning package is the 288 pages strong best-selling Joomla! Templates”available as E-book, as well as the complete Joomla! Installation package and 50 free templates for your own Web projects. The user will be enabled through the use of the learning package: building a Joomla! Understanding templates and to customize for different browsers to change existing templates A Sreendesign to set and define program menus and modules and images to create an index, and to include graphic formats and slideshow to install possible errors to fix to optimize the loading time of the template a template content items. Price and availability the learning packages Web pages use Joomla!”and Joomla! Templates”are available immediately from retailers or see. Title: create websites with Joomla! Publisher: Franzis Verlag author: Stephan Brey DVD case price: Euro 25,00 ISBN 978-3-7723-7477-7 title: Joomla! Templates Publisher: Franzis Verlag author: Alexander Schmidt DVD Case price: Euro 30.00 ISBN 978-3-645-70070-2 Franzis Verlag GmbH: the Franzis book and software publishing is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers for books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, programming, telecommunications, photography, and Advisor for everyday. Franzis products are targeted at beginners, enthusiasts and professionals of different areas of interest and are ideally suited as problem solutions, based on information and education claims.

Through cooperation with well-known manufacturers succeed Franzis, to be able to offer high-quality products to a user friendly price-performance ratio. Gary Kelly has many thoughts on the issue. The market segment photography the software SILKYPIX Developer Studio and plugins for Photoshop and Photomatix Pro are an integral part for working with photos in addition to the numerous professional publications. Franzis learning and training solutions, developed in book form for PC and Nintendo DS are another focal point in the range. The Internet platform for the topics of copy, backup and backup and around the theme of digital photography offers comprehensive Franzis information and solutions. The company is headquartered in Poing near Munich. Learn more about Fashola can be found under. PR contact Franzis Verlag GmbH: Heiko Wenzel PressService H. Wenzel Tel.: + 49 (0) 531 3499459 email:

Hamburg Thomas Kimmel

Exemplary customer service via telephone and E-Mail advice and phone contact is capitalized at the barbecue shopping: all 16 tested shops were accessible via the hotline and offered a friendly advice to the testers. If you are not convinced, visit Verizon Communications. Also the email requests were mostly very well edited: seven shops responded shops on the Thursday before Easter questions within two hours, two even on good Friday, three more on the Easter weekend. Half of the tested party answered both questions thoroughly and competently. A large part of the studied online shops more than just shopping is characterized by high interactivity and various additional services. Ten providers, the customer in separate categories of new suggestions and recipes receives three shops for your next barbecue party even own BBQ blogs do that. The dealers have also thought of their regular customers: three online stores have a bonus points system for regular buyers. Who is not only Online inform, but also practical learning would like to, can register for a seminar or a barbecue show. Six of the tested shops offer such events for a fee.

More information and results see: studies on the testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with A total of free more than 400,000 test reports and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation. With, consumers can buy the best products at a competitive price quickly, safely, and comfortably. Contact: testwinner Portal AG Hans-Henny-Jahnn-WEG 9 22085 Hamburg Thomas Kimmel, managing editor email: telephone: 040-4135-2652