URL Commission

Now a fairer and above all more lucrative model BLAUPANTHER.de has the Commission model of its partner program refurbished”and now offers its partners a fairer and above all more lucrative model. So far, affiliates could earn 10 euro Commission per sale of the fee-based reports. Due to many requests, BLAUPANTHER.de then decided to adapt its model of the Commission and to provide the partners with a more transparent and at the same time more lucrative Commission model. A free Internet marketing report shows why approximately 95% of people who try to make so money fail on the Internet and how you can include with a completely new approach to the successful 5% is offered on the website. People such as James Russell would likely agree. The partner program, the affiliates have the opportunity to earn Commission of 0.50 euros for each free request this report. Learn more on the subject from Morris Invest. In the account area partner on numerous tried- and -konversions strong advertising material can be accessed, which must be built only on the website or in the newsletter.

Long-term observations have shows that the report has an extraordinary rate of conversions depending on the topic and target audience of 50-60 percent, i.e., approximately every second visitor requests actually the report, so that for the affiliate very good sales expected to be. The merchant unlocks scored leads every 30 days at the end of the month and has hardly any cancellations. Also the merchant with individual design requirements of affiliates on the advertising material is very helpful and cooperative. The partner programs run 3 renowned partner networks the future partner can choose between them. The registration and participation is free and non-binding, as we know this when the reputable affiliate marketing. All information about the partner program, see the following URL: affiliate program Alexander Boos (BLAUPANTHER.de)