Oscar Wilde

Fifty-five million euros, as encrypt some sources, could mitigate the pain for many families who have been driven to begging in order to pay the price of medicines that soothe the grief of their children where the Trovan continues leaving sequels. The need of the West accelerate deadlines to obtain immediate benefits, regardless of the means to achieve them, is the cause of many of the atrocities committed in the forgotten continent. There come big drug companies in search of impunity to urgently develop their research, so that they can be rentabilizadas as soon as possible in developed countries. Learn more at: Gary Kelly. The consequences on the African population little import for the capitalist maelstrom. The ethnocentric look of the white man still does not recognize the existence of each other on equal terms.

While there is of first and third worlds, Africa will continue to be the backyard of humanity and their inquisitorial questions about its underdevelopment will again be silenced by their oppressors in the middle of the yelling and the nudges of the great interests of the North to always get the first. What would have happened if instead of Nigeria the Pfizer laboratory had been located in any Western country? Surely we would be talking about a sentence without precedent throughout the international community. Pity that the South does not have voice to interrogate and reject the abuses of those who tyrannize. O’flahertie playwright, Oscar Wilde, and the great writer said in one of his phrases more famous: this is not an essay general gentlemen, is life. The African continent is not frames where the props is prepared before leaving the scene in the great theatre of the world. Africa and Africans are also life.