Pedagogical Concepts

When exploring the pedagogical concepts of the German school, deparamo-noscom a practical boarding, made for the use of workshops and the visual interaction dadapela clarity of ideas to be transmitted, as much for a graphical part quantoa its message, how much for an express product that its functionality. We see in the Bauhaus many of the characteristics that guide the graphical project, aesthetic and functional until the present, where she has a countless diversity deprodutos and a imensido of images advertising executives being presented aoindividuo without time intervals. To the floor for the streets, coming across itself comoutdoors, posters, brochures, when binding the TV, reading reviewed and books. What much of the times comes to happen in one ‘ ‘ caos’ ‘ generated for essainundao of visual information. Becoming object of consumable desire aquelesque if not only detaches for its clarity when displaying its eobjetivos functionalities, is these products or services in itself, but also that one that secorrelaciona through the ways of visual spreading to the public which to desejaatingir.

Nowadays so we are bombed by the immense amount of colors, images and information that we only look at for what it interests in them and what we nosidentificamos. As well as the capitalist society, in which we live and in we qualambientamos our consumistas desires, it comes to delimit a threshold between aapreciao, learning and the time. It does not have time to learn to use something, therefore the simplification if has become one of the weapons for expression of the functionality. Tracing the challenge for designers in the current days, that conciliate aesthetic, efuncionalidade, standing out the studies of the public-target, increased of limits decompreenso, sociological studies of life style, and the influences externasdadas for the medias and the socioeconmico scope which occupies. In an age where the manuals are played outside and that produtosconsiderados unusable or of difficult understanding are dificilmenteconsumidos, the work of design, is implied the performance areas muitomaiores of what the ones that its predecessors in the artistic movements encircled were quesucederam.