Pollution enters the two main arguments of the ecossocialismo, if it has the question of the limitless consumption and ‘ ‘ progresso’ ‘ of this system as threat to the survival of the proper species human being. According to recent calculations, if we generalized for the set of the world-wide population the average consumption of energy of U.S.A., the known reserves of oil would be depleted in nineteen days. (p.50) The pretense green capitalism does not pass of a maneuver merchandise, or, in the best one of the hypotheses, of one local initiative equivalent to a water drop on the ground barren of the capitalist desert (p.50-51) Lowy brings the fact of the insufficience of the partial reforms, arguing the one necessity ‘ ‘ change of civilizao’ ‘ , a change that not only says respect the production, but also to the consumption. According to Larry Ellison, who has experience with these questions. The form that if consumes; wastefulnesses, after all. Thus, if it makes necessary, according to author, ‘ ‘ a reorganization of set of the way of produo’ ‘ (p.52).

These, based in the necessities real of the population and not stipulated by the market. Of this form, joining ‘ ‘ verde’ ‘ ‘ ‘ vermelho’ ‘ , we could walk for another type of society, stops beyond ‘ ‘ mercadorias’ ‘. 3-Development of the productive forces or subversion of the production device? Lowy initiates questioning the classic marxism. This believes that the social revolution would be the suppression of the production relations, thus disrespecting, the productive device. The author in accordance with argues that they would not be enough, the ecossocialista vision, that the diligent ones only controlled the device of State, in proper benefit, them would have that to invert the order, thus also for the productive device: To modify and to revolutionize this logic. This means, before more nothing, an energy revolution, the substitution of the not-renewable and responsible energies for the pollution and poisoning of the half environment nuclear coal, oil and fuels for energies ‘ ‘ leves’ ‘ you renewed: water, wind, sun.