Most of the consultants go to Chuck of the tarot of love with the hope of arcana to tell them all what they want to hear: that are with the right person, that loves them beyond human comprehension, and that they will be together forever. But what happens when the message of the tarot of love is not what we want to hear? Firstly, if the consultant has decided to go to a circulation of the tarot of love, it is only to tell you the truth, even if it hurts. Otherwise, no means seeking a professional, the best that you can find, pay for a service, so they tell you lies. Somehow, the Mentalist or professional Tarot is like a nutritionist. We think, do make some sense seek a consultation with a professional so that tell us what skinny you’re, when in fact we have several extra kilos? If we seek help, is show us loose our life points, and thus be able to progress, change what makes us bad. Thus a circulation of tarot should be considered love: as an opportunity for change.

There are arcane that truly bring bad omens. In reality, not bad omens, but describing a reality that not exactly where we want to. When in the tarot of love leaves the Tower, especially inverted, I would almost argue that there is no future for this couple. Separation is patent in the future, though in spite of us. But, perhaps for the better.

Perhaps be afraid be alone, but when we are free from that link that binds us badly, we perhaps find the peace that our life needs. Another of the letters that tells us that things do not walk well in the tarot of love is the inverted Priestess. In the majority of cases in which leaves revealed in the tarot of love implies that there is a third in discord, hidden intentions, things which are not seen, but which eventually come to light. It isn’t much more positive, by any reckoning, the know it beforehand, to expect that the other person tell us? The tarot of love, as well as all other variants of chucks, give us the opportunity to start again, by worse that it leave the arcana. It is never completely lost everything. The best way, then facing a circulation of the tarot of love is with an open mind and the breadth of criteria needed to know what the Tarot reader has to tell us, without a doubt, shall inure to our benefit.