It was a time dazzling and contradictory, full of lights and obscurities, with characters such as the mirando peak, the great exhibitor of the discourse on the dignity of man, and Rabelais, who with his Gargantua, mocked so-called medieval values, Cesare Borgia, and Lorenzo de Medicis. However, thanks to her, humanity fought for the freedom of conscious of itself, and this, with an intellectual energy, and a passion that struggled to overcome the dogmas, the cult of authority and Scholasticism had plunged to medieval Europe, and the tiredness and the abuse of ecclesiastical power takes you to its limitation. The Renaissance had a field of multiple application; Thus in the architecture monuments of antiquity is rediscovered, new manuscripts appear in the literature, and there is a passion for the old, a new taste for poetry and nature that already had preannounced since the 13th century. To this is added the discovery of the solar system of Copernicus and Galileo, the anatomy by Vesalius, the circulation of the blood by Harvey, and in sum, the affirmation of the scientific method than He had preludiado the school of Chartres. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gary Kelly. Political feudalism is exceeded, and appear first Nations. Italy was the first nation in where there were those changes, thanks to his regime’s political freedoms, its commercial development, the development of language and its Mediterranean position which allowed him to get in contact with the fabulous East from Marco Polo, Columbus, and all those who dared to break the pillars of Hercules, the impassable until that time limit. Politically, the cities lombardas wrested oversight power to the Church and he handed it over to the communes administered by boards of judges who were responsible before the citizens. So spread a cult to the constitutional Government, that although he had accomplishments, will pave the way for the emergence of tyrants, those figures who stand by the Renaissance it was a rebirth of the city Hellenic State; At this time he began the partnership of the State and capital, which would found capitalism, which still dominates us today, in the form more aggressive and comprehensive.