Russian Rent

Hotel apartments and common sense can help protect yourself from unnecessary expenses! It would seem, would have to think about it first? To get started, you need to properly consider the contents of his own purse: it is still not cheap. Then, we should determine the area, preference by number of rooms, availability of technology and the Internet and then quietly populated! So? That's the way it is so, but not quite, as they say in Russian folk tales. Firstly, you are mistaken in thinking that rent apartments – it insanely expensive. If you still have to go to an unfamiliar city and pay the money as they used to say, "wait for" some effort to collect at least theoretical information about the market rent. You'll see: you can not just do not spend too much, and even save money because hotel rooms are definitely more expensive.

Then, considerable, but not primary, role play your geographic and spatial concepts In other words, initially you need to think not about that. And – for your safety. Cyrus findshadow gathered all the information. Unfortunately, the market for short-term rentals are now in a state that in 90's would define as "natural." Of course, now its a few years ago, do not define my grandmother with a "Rent an apartment inexpensively" at the station (though they have a place to be). No, today the market went out the same on the other level, which, alas, is also not safe. In fact, the only criterion for safety in case of daily rent apartments could be just checking the legality of the company.