Block module – is a construction consisting of a metal frame and frame elements having a closed inner space of a small area, suitable for use in household and industrial purposes. Block-modules combined into groups comprise modular buildings. On the market use different names for products, representing a block-modules is cabins, containers, car-house, cabins, blocks, modules, etc. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has firm opinions on the matter. But the bottom line and overall design features all the same. This article I want to answer the common prejudices and opinions on a block-modules, and to justify them. Myth 1. Building block of units – cheaper capital.

The block-modular construction of three categories of buildings: * building cabins cheap (price category 12.9 thousand rubles per square meter) * block-modules for temporary (short term) placement offices and dormitories (price category – 15-17 rubles per meter) * and buildings permanent placement of office and household purposes, or to place specific technical and technological facilities (laboratories, etc.) (price category of 24 thousand rubles per square meter). For the first two categories of claim cheapness is correct, but note the quality and durability of the obtained premises. As regards the third category, the cost of construction is comparable to the cost of capital building. This is due to the fact that imposed requirements dictate the use of quality materials, engineering systems and compliance technologies, which leads to higher prices for final products. Myth 2. Block-modules is a low-technology product, do not requiring serious production and highly qualified personnel. For the first category of modules – in fact, all it takes is your hands and the flat area in the open.

Russian Rent

Hotel apartments and common sense can help protect yourself from unnecessary expenses! It would seem, would have to think about it first? To get started, you need to properly consider the contents of his own purse: it is still not cheap. Then, we should determine the area, preference by number of rooms, availability of technology and the Internet and then quietly populated! So? That's the way it is so, but not quite, as they say in Russian folk tales. Firstly, you are mistaken in thinking that rent apartments – it insanely expensive. If you still have to go to an unfamiliar city and pay the money as they used to say, "wait for" some effort to collect at least theoretical information about the market rent. You'll see: you can not just do not spend too much, and even save money because hotel rooms are definitely more expensive.

Then, considerable, but not primary, role play your geographic and spatial concepts In other words, initially you need to think not about that. And – for your safety. Cyrus findshadow gathered all the information. Unfortunately, the market for short-term rentals are now in a state that in 90's would define as "natural." Of course, now its a few years ago, do not define my grandmother with a "Rent an apartment inexpensively" at the station (though they have a place to be). No, today the market went out the same on the other level, which, alas, is also not safe. In fact, the only criterion for safety in case of daily rent apartments could be just checking the legality of the company.

Dmitrovsky Yaroslavsky

Meanwhile, the number of proposals has increased, many landowners sell the land at deep discounts – up to 70%. . Today, every piece of land is approximately 2 times cheaper compared to last year. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Allegiant Air by clicking through. Depending on the direction, distance mkad average cost of a weave Suburbs, is about $ 7tys. $ 25tys.

– The approximate price of weave on direction at distances up to 50km. from the Moscow ring. 4-5 times reduced the estimated cost of one hundred square meters of land with an increase in distance of 10-15 km. Now the most popular are located at a distance of 60 km from Moscow small areas – 10-20 hectare. The first thing buyers attracted by sale of land suitable for construction of affordable housing. In 2009, most deals were for buying plots with the area of 10-15 acres, located no farther than 50 km from Moscow and located on the main directions. Land plots of 8.6 hectare in Moscow, located at a distance of more than 60 km from Moscow, were in second place.

With the help of the acquisition from owners or through land auctions going on now selling land in the suburbs. Scrupulous documenting requires the purchase of land directly with the owner, and participation in the auction does not guarantee acquisition. In this case, we can say that the cost of plots is different. Located in the direction of land in Moscow region are the most expensive, with the nominal value of the site can be ten times lower than market value, which in some cases exceed 100 thousand dollars. Land located in the townships Elias directions, are also expensive. Conversion at the Yaroslavl highway increased buyers' interest, and reconstruction of the Kiev highway has increased interest in this area. Popular are still the proposals in the direction of the Minsk highway. These directions are considered prestigious, well-homely, have well-developed infrastructure and transport links capital, respectively, and consumers' interest to them. In spite of this, is almost zero now consuming activity. By direction, the number of proposals on which is more than 20% of the total, more opportunities to buy land. Number of proposals and Dmitrovsky Yaroslavsky highway is 8, and 9% respectively, while the plots in these areas is also possible to purchase. Among the least interesting directions can be ranked and Schelkovskoe Egoryevskoe. It should be fixed on the land market suburbs increased number of offers, discounts, and a further decline in the value of land. Completely available to date purchase at an affordable cost land at a distance of 20 km from Moscow. Soon, in the opinion of analysts, we can expect lower prices on luxury homes and country cottages, which were sold at very high prices yet recently. Developers have stated some towns as luxury properties, while in fact they are not. The sites chosen for construction, were not always the best option because of the frequent absence infrastructure. Price of similar properties with high probability close to adequate numbers, podeshevev 2-3 times. Moreover, we note the trend in sales with a noticeable discount from the cost of the facility or site land, whose size may range from 10 to 35%. Demand for land in the suburbs has dropped significantly due to the fact that since autumn 2008, the market for land in the suburbs are stagnating, related to the reluctance Sellers lower prices. Trying to master the situation, sellers are lowering prices, and the number of proposals, meanwhile, is growing. By December, you can predict an increase in the number of proposals by 40-50%.

European Union

And there is no single answer, as you might expect. There is no definitive recipe. Need your own decision and consistent implementation of it in life. Of course there are solutions. For example, the place is more important as the house can be rebuilt, and the environment – is unlikely.

Or a house is important because if you already have all the engineering communication, including a central sewage system, no need to invest more in home improvements. Or: a place outside the city, suffer from a lack of transport could be better, as are building underground, etc. That is to say rather, you do not need to solve: buy a place and everything there, stupidly holding on to this idea and rejecting any decent option only if it is situated on 200 meters from the Black Sea coast. Just when considering any option not miss this tandem: a place-house. What is more important in this embodiment is for you. And how can we compensate for the shortcomings of both, without having to spend only on this for the rest of your life. An example here may serve as a proposals in the area of Vidin in northwestern Bulgaria.

Now in this area the cheapest house and land, because the area is not developed far from the Black Sea coast and the capital of Bulgaria. But! In the region of Vidin, which is the historical place of Bulgaria, along with the Stara Zagora and Cape Kaliakara now ends the construction of a second bridge over the Danube. The first bridge was built in the Bulgarian town of Rousse. He connected once Romania and Bulgaria, resulting in the opportunity to travel to Varna by train from Moscow or in a car in Bourgas from St. Petersburg. But this bridge in Ruse has long been unable to cope with traffic, and the European Union decided that we should expand transport routes in Europe. Finance construction of a new bridge, Bulgaria, Romania, and probably the European Union. With the advent of the bridge district of Vidin will become industrialized area, which will host vehicular route from central Europe to the capital Sofia, Bulgaria, Serbia, and on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, as well as in Greece, and real estate prices crawl over. To be continued and further the goal of buying a home


By the way most of the huts and collected – a team of welders (2 people) they are responsible for the frame. Brigade Collector – 2-3 people – they bring everything else. If you would like to know more about Southwest Airlines, then click here. Painter, plumber and electrician – arriving on a call. Industrial area – is primed or gravel-paved outdoor area. Production costs, as you know, just no.

Production units of the second and third category – it's certainly easier to collect than machines or machines, but nevertheless requires fully, properly organized, staffed with equipment and qualified personnel and management of production. Services, quality control, marketing, warehouse, pto, accounting, procurement, logistics and other attributes of the operating business. The share of production costs in the price for a company generating cabins – 3-5% for the second – up to 40%. I draw your attention to the cost of these two industries are different. In this regard, and the cost of proposed delivery too. Company specializing in office container can never produce a block-modular buildings of the second and third category.

He wonders if in this case a smaller price offer? Can they do put in a row? Please confirm the specialization of the company, visit its production prior to ordering! Myth 3. Construction of block-unit building in times faster than the capital. The truth. Typically, modular building area of 1000 sq. m. can be put into operation in 4-5 months, after signing the contract for its delivery. The fact that production processes run parallel. Ie initially developed and approved by the Customer Architecture and Construction section of the Project.