Service Manuals

Finally, the letter E – these oil heavyweights with diesel engines or just heavy-duty diesel engines. Now that we understand the recommendations of the plant is necessary to clarify that flooded at the moment. It's time to choose what kind of oil fill: mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic. Synthetic oil can maintain its performance at high temperature differences (as well as recommended on turbo), and many of the characteristics of oil can not be implemented based on mineral oil. If winter temperatures are not lower than -20, there is no need to use it seriously.

Semi-synthetic oil – this oil consisting of mineral base and synthetic additives. The proportions may change but they are usually from 30 to 50 percent of the mineral foundation. This product is recommended for engines with high mileage because to find exactly what is recommended by the engine manufacturer does not make Labour, in contrast to the mineral. Now, the mixing of oils. If you change the type of oil, naprmier just want to change the oil or butter ugarelo while riding, but not the same with me and nowhere to buy (last resort). Additives of different oils may adversely affect the operation of the engine when mixed.

Most harmless – they just neutralize each other, and the most deplorable – the characteristics of the oil change so much that they would start to wear out faster motor. Of course Oil should always be in the engine, always carry any of this with a small container of oil for topping up, the same make and model as the engine. If it is not at hand and for sale, you should change the oil in the engine completely. As has been said about the additives in the oil they do not like interaction with the additives of other oils. For this reason, the old oil must be drained, pour flush, potarahtet on it for some time (as indicated in the instructions for washing) and then pour the oil is that you see fit. Washing procedure itself is also not safe for the engine, on the frequently changing the brand or type of oil should not be. This compares with the way bleach damages the structure of tissue and subsequently it is broken. According to this take on the oil manufacturer's recommendation engine and the temperature characteristics of your region. And most importantly, at every oil change oil filter change, or new Oil will immediately become dirty due to the remnants of the previous one, used oil in the filter. And remember – oil is not just swill you want to fill, but also washing, lubrication and antikoroziynaya function. Without oil the engine quickly will become worthless, and the repair effort on the wallet. On the timing of oil changes, see the Service Manuals for your car. Some car manufacturers it is kilomterov 5000, some 10, some even 15.