Shared Heritage

Mediators team offers a free dispute mediation for filming of POHNSDORF (hh). More inheritance disputes end up in court: for everyone but this is often unsatisfactory and usually very expensive. Cheaper, faster and self-determined are the partners in conflict in a mediation on the target. “We now offer the chance to settle their disputes for free at a professional dispute mediation and to get their family ties or even to strengthen” fractious Inheritors, says Herbert Hofmann of the certified mediator (radius IKK) by: mediator online in Pohnsdorf: the only requirement: we want to record the mediation with cameras. ” More than 200 billion euros are inherited in Germany each year, estimated at around EUR 250 000 per inheritance. There is dispute, because when you inherit the siblings stop quickly. Along with his Lubeck colleagues Martin heirs is also something very personal”, says Hofmann, pond mediation in Germany as an effective method of conflict solution want to make known.

That’s why a film about to be like an enlightened generation of heritage”with their family disputes differently than deal with the so far often usual legal disputes can. When you inherit, it is often not just about the money or material goods”Hofmann knows rather break because sometimes unresolved relationship problems.” So could be discussed in a mediation then calmly, what does it mean if, for example, a sibling inherit less than the other. The deceased can not be questioned, and so have to get the offspring with one such legacy. At best it would be Yes, if the family is everyone at a table during lifetime, to settle the estate”, explains Hofmann, which hosted such discussions on request. If this is not done however and heritage dispute threatens a mediation is recommended usually only once, unless all parties want it.

Legal positions can thereby advance a lawyer of the Confidence must be discussed beforehand, so that no one is discriminated against. Written and binding agreement standing at the end of a mediation can be legally tested and if necessary also notarially sealed. When a professional dispute mediation, which follows fixed rules, also standing behind the pure material claims needs of every single heirs can be included in the jointly developed agreement. “Some one has noted in the mediation, also a little less heritage being a double heritage, if the family blessing again gone a”, says Hofmann: this is a totally different approach than at a court hearing. ” Inheritance can be solved with success rates up to 90 percent.