SME Observatory

Subsidies for SMEs (PACC), a trip to the lack of resources and funding. Majorities of SMEs have difficulty accessing loans in the financial system and rely on themselves to invest funds. According to the SME Observatory 48% of them reinvests its profits and 31% declares not to have enough for this purpose utilities. On the other hand, costs rise more than the prices, which further reduces the positive results and increases the need to invest in the improvement of productivity. The competitiveness and the credit (PACC) of the Sepyme access program is a good solution for these companies. This system of support aims to collaborate in the elaboration of diagnoses and resolution of their problems, reinstated until 60% of the costs related to consultancy for improve the performance of SMEs (contributions not returnable – ANR).

The funds can be used to optimise the commercial, administrative and productive area. (See details of the PACC program and its scope in Although these subsidies for SMEs are not intended for the purchase of equipment, free resources, increase future profits to reinvest in machinery and improve the possibilities for access to financing. It should be noted that the program rembolsa expenses after being paid by the company and accomplished raised stages, with which executives must ensure access to funds to cover costs until the Sepyme credited the NRA. It is therefore important that entrepreneurs make a very good planning of the flow of funds to avoid running out of resources and not be able to finish the stages involved in the project. Another tip is to use this program to make continuous improvements that allow the company not only increase their incomes in the short term, also keep them in the future, bolstering the solvency of the company. According to cited the survey before, the main concern of SMEs is the loss of profitability because of increased costs over price hikes.