South Revolution

When it thinks about the term anarchy and/or anarquismo immediately this are related with clutter, chaos and mismanagement, having given an instability impression. Analyzing the anarchy as social movement it can be perceived that one is about the liberating action of the man on the proper man, where the government it leaves to exist as coercitive entity and starts to be the free action of all the citizens. Anarquismo is the based libertarian theory in the absence of the state. As the concepts supplied for the virtual encyclopedia Wikipdia (2008); ‘ ‘ Anarquismo is a word that drift of the root Greek ava an (not, without) and arch (governor)? that assigns an ample term that encloses since theories politics the social movements that advocate the abolition of the capitalism and the State while imposed authority and detainer of the monopoly of the use of fora.’ ‘. In a general way anarchists are against any type of hierarchic order that is not freely accepted, defending types of horizontal and libertarian organizations with total absence of coercion, however not absence of the order. Throughout the evolution of the man he is possible to identify primitive manifestations of the anarchy. You strike them for the individual freedom the collective one had been diverse, passing since the revolts in Greece and Rome, for the Renaissance and its thinkers, the French Revolution, the American Revolution and the Russian Revolution, to cite some events.

Today the same ideals of freedom are explored by the social movements front to the position of the capitalist governments. The ANARCHICAL THEORY AND the EDUCATION In 1861 in France had been made the first attempts of application of the anarchic principles in the education. It was the beginning of what today it is called of Libertarian Pedagogia.