Syndrome Desire

The Leaders and the Syndrome of Midas I have read articles, magazines and visa news articles of many leaders who shepherd the calls megas existing Churches in our Country. some of these men, in my analysis. they are infectados with the syndrome of Midas. But who was Midas? Midas was a king completely gotten passionate by money and, although millionaire, wanted to always have more to be the creature richest of the planet. When Baco offered the accomplishment to it of a desire, as it rewards for it to have care of a friend, Midas asked for the power to transform into gold everything what it touched.

Baco perceived that this desire meant the destruction of Midas, but, as it had promised to carry through any desire, it fulfilled the word. Midas came back its kingdom and decided to test if really it had gained this power. During the trip, she touched a rock and immediately it changedded itself into an enormous gold nugget. More information is housed here: Oracle. Soon ahead she found a tree twig and, when holding it, she perceived that it changeds itself into a bar of gold. Everything what it touched turned gold. She did not delay to perceive that she could more be the man rich of the Land. Its knights had been overloaded of in such a way carrying gold.

Arriving at the palace, he ordered to serve one delicious supper, with all the requinte. Then he took a shock. The reality revealed cruel. All food that its lips touched turned gold. The bread was changedded into gold, as well as any food. E, for its desperation, the water that wanted to drink, when touched for its lips, also it was changedded into gold. It perceived, then, all the madness of its desire. Not it obtained more if to feed, could not sleep in a soft stream bed nor to take bath in a full water bathtub morna.