The Employees

It is distinguished by:-rigidity in the rules for the job. -Planning of work in all its details. -Strict monitoring. Leaders focused on the employees. He is characterized by: – motivate employees – winning trust and respect to improve performance. Six leadership styles that sometimes managers use: a.-style Cohercitivo. This is the least effective in the majority of situations. Style affects the climate of the organization.

Flexibility is the first thing to suffer. Decision making, from above makes that new ideas never come to light. People feel that you are not respected; in turn, the sense of responsibility disappears: people being incapable of acting on their own initiative, not feel owners of his work, and do not perceive that their work performance depends on themselves. (b) coercive leadership. It also has many negative effects on the reward system. The majority of the workers with a good work performance are motivated by something else, apart from the money they receive for their salary seek the satisfaction of a job well done. The coercive style corrodes such pride.

Finally the style, undo one of the basic tools of the leader: motivate people showing them how their work fits in the great mission that everyone in the organization share in equal parts. The lack of good vision involves loss of clarity and commitment, and leaves people outside his own work labor, wondering: what does it matter all this?. c the orientation style. It is much more effective leadership, notably, for example to improve clarity. The trend leader, is a visionary; it motivates people by rinsing them how your labor work fits perfectly into the whole picture that contemplates the organization. People working for leaders with this style guideline, understood perfectly that her labor work matters and know why. Guiding leadership, also maximizes commitment to the objectives and the effective strategy of the organization. To frame individual tasks within a great vision, the trend leader, It defines the standards that make it function effectively in the reality of its corporate vision.