Horst Kohler

It is addressed to each citizen and each Citizen. It is aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs. You should engage as active “economic citizens”: “even if the international community and the European Union would give the financial markets the missing good order, then that would be alone not enough. … She is dependent on economic citizens who respect not only the letter of the law instead of their actions on values and attitudes also his spirit, and that, that the State may not enforce.” Horst Kohler calls for a forward-looking transformation policy with far-reaching changes in the economy and in the lifestyle. Still, a self-crafted change is possible instead of a taken. Also the welfare State could still be transformed. Are but to rethink monetary gifts to special interest groups: “with scarce resources more reach – this also applies to our welfare State as a whole.

We should think him further from the goal here: from the individual people here. In its capabilities is to invest his power to self-determination and to the equity interest is to promote it and to demand. I call this the “investment” welfare state… To make weatherproof our welfare State for the 21st century, we must check it more consistently, whether he invested in the maturity and independence of citizens. Only then he can achieve what is necessary without continues to expand – and this welfare state once already in the face of dramatic demographic change of our country needs to be more efficient. We spend a lot of money for social services in Germany – about 750 billion euros every year, nearly one-third of our economic performance. But we so often reach significantly less than other States. Sometimes we don’t even know what we achieve.” Despite all the urgent warnings, Horst Kohler concludes his speech with a hopeful Outlook: “If policymakers curb financial markets we ecologically transform our social market economy in Germany, if we investiv shape our social State and the society” Strengthen cooperation – then we have not wasted the financial crisis, but to a new beginning.” The financial freedom of mankind today is the global volume of financial transactions 3,300 trillion US dollars per year.