Colombian Government

In favour of this payment solvency, the Colombian Government require you above that you discharge responsibilities, desist from issuing circulating inflationary and resign, one by one, to their regulatory powers, understood how much concerns the weight management, which corresponded to the Board of Directors of the Bank of the Republic’s notoriously private influence, before 1963 and since then, by lawIt rests with the Monetary Board, of most official. A reversal that will carry through the constituent Assembly, whose main members factions have submitted two separate projects in this regard, without forgetting Mr Gaviria’s. The abolition of subsidies, cheap credit, and even building plans, compiles, therefore, the dogma of faith which we preach always these high priests of speculation, so don’t surrender you worship on their own altars. Towards the middle of the period of Belisario Betancur, following the famous monitory of the Fund and the Bank, began to consider seriously, not only the clearing of stimuli and the protection of our productive activities, but existing labour legislation. In a Word, the opening. Barco Vargas besieged it on all sides, even retaining the Challenger loan monies. Thus, the superpower of the West, being doomed to a never seen commercial dispute, in particular with the European Community and Japan, is get out by opting for full economic colonization of vast areas of the globe, preferably Latin America, stable finances. And to ensue the providential outcome of the collapse of the Soviet Union, powerful adversary of the eve, Washington has managed to fit the boots, as it recently did in the Panamanian isthmus and the Gulf Persian, whose people, between the smoke from cannons, attended the inauguration of the new order preached by George Bush. Having again achieved the universal supremacy, United States is engaged now in recovery, without delay or punches, of space that lost in at least two decades, after the spectacular advances of its competitors in Europe and Asia.