UEFA Cup Final

He ran the ball in the clubhouse, people lined up, the sun unrelenting smile, people settled into their seats and seats in the cement, the smell of food boxes, cleaned commentators microphones, cameras aseaban your lenses , young men and women talked … the time went. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gary Kelly. The players began to arrive, entered the locker room amid cheers and applause, smiled, raised their hands and shrugged their toperoles Chimpunes. People were still entering the colossus, the seats were occupied, the bars shouting, the noise, the bands, balloons, serpentine earned the air in search of glory. He ran the ball, going from one place to another, the ball pursued by many sweaty legs, preferred side, the corner, the archery, tired players shouted, harangued the referee stopped the action complacent, allowing slow The minutes passed and the Gol did not come. The bars and the singing stopped, the colossus fell silent, went to the discount.

They came back fresh, in the gallery we would improve, that would put egg, claw and win, but the ball got tired of going from one place to another without coming to the networks, tired referee stop play, the coach was tired of shouting, are the players play tired, tired of encouraging fans ran the ball from side to side and in the midst of confusion, boredom, apathy, a leg friend pushed the ball the same area and came Gol the Chilean …. or they believed it … but I held as if they had won the UEFA Cup final, but won the ball slept quietly sad faces always went home in revenge they saw the news of night or day bought the next day, the Sages of the sport began to cross the numbers, curves and speculating theorems diagram to see if in the rematch, the ball nestled in networks that enemy … Sure!, it was possible, although in another Country, will not bar, there will be cheers for but against, there will be streamers or balloons in the colors of his team, there will be gaffes when they appear on the gram, the referee will be severe with them, the ball will be foreign to run the ball sweaty legs of grones not dominate the ball run to nest in arch defended by Harold … What a shame!, but well, for what they did in Lima, the better for what did not in Matute, how can they play like they played ?… ?… as cold, Aneta without desire, without ideas, without joy !… are crazy or what?. History will say its last word. .