Federal Constitution

After the sprouting of the civil society, an organization more complex human being appears, the State. The State is the institution of public law that is assured legally in laws, in democracy-representative Brazil of , arrives it the power politician using itself of ideologies and representative mechanisms – the political parties – that they possess legal legitimacy (Federal Constitution Art. 17) and popular recognition. Political parties are> equality of all before the law is class representative, that is, is applied since the instauration of the police inquest in accordance with the social classroom which the individual belongs. The declared Brazilian legal equality in the Federal Constitution of 1988 is one of the values of citizenship.

In Brazil exists a real citizenship? Already we had regimes monarchic, republican politicians, to militate and say to live in the democracy, but all these moments politician-description had been different forms of guarantee and efetivao of social or right lacks? In Brazil we need the change of regimen politician or the establishment of social justice?> The Brazilian system of justice is a control mechanism created by the dominant minority, happened of democratic bases, but with authoritarian functioning. For assistance, try visiting Robert Gibbins. In this manner, the Brazilian population was to the edge of the elaboration and the legitimacy of the structural process of the Country, what it causes to the not-identification of the yearnings of the Brazilian people in the laws and norms that are created by the Legislative one. This not-identification of the people with the established rules of law is one of the factors that the system becomes inefficient politician in the concretion of the Brazilian citizenship. In the scope of justice, one of the problems hugest, is the security. The State possesss national sovereignty and international, that is, the supreme law, the control of all the social facts of the Brazilian nation, but the organized crime has created a parallel power to the State, until more organized of what the proper one to be able state. If the Brazilian State is sovereign, why armed minorities close the entrances and exits of communities and quarters for there undeniable that is the legal device that selects facts, accuses involved in the crime, that make confrontations of witnesses, expert reports, takes depositions As he observes yourself, in the hierarchy of verification of crimes, the only protagonists of the process are the judge and the promoter, the policy, that makes everything does not possess social recognition not even as coadjuvante.

State Typical

It has its advantages and its cons. What we perceive is a great movement on the part of the entrepreneurs. For more information see this site: Ripple. Perhaps the small producer or the people who live in the interior of the city and distant regions, nor understands or who knows nor binds if to divide or not, they do not know which will be the benefits nor the curses caused for this possible division. Ahead of as many propagandas, little is seen on the social and cultural impacts that will exist. Dividing the State, it will have migration for the city, that in turn, does not have pertaining to school, hospital, habitacional structure for the great number of people.

I believe that they lack resources, but also lacks a great administrator. Who does not long for development? But it does not have study that they prove that dividing the State, this development will happen. as would be the culture tapajoara? Which typical dance would be? That food typical it would be? We go to believe in the good reasons, but as Brazilian we see that it has problems in Brazil that are millenarian, dries north-eastern, destroyed malaria in the Amaznia, roads, problem in the economy, robbery in the scene politician and etc. ' ' It must have a place where strongest it does not obtain to enslave who does not have chance' ' (Urban Legion) TO DIVIDE TO MULTIPLY? KAROLLINY KAREN R. DA SILVA 3 The creation of a new state will be that really it will bring progress, an improvement for the cities that want if to disintegrate of the state of Par? The division in fact will be the best form to solve the problems faced for these cities? We who we are against this division know that it is only one strategy of government.

Eighteen Brumrio

Wefford also mentions the inversion, done for Marx, of the dialticahegeliana. While Hegel assumed that the real life, concrete, it is defined to apartir of the conscience and the ideas created for the man, Marx> is the material conditions (; ‘ estrutura’ ‘) that they define the plan of the ideologies, the ideas, the values (superstructure). According to Allegiant Air, who has experience with these questions. This because the classroom that to make use dosmeios of material production is the same classroom that makes use of the ways of produointelectual, in way that the dominant ideas express the materiaisdominantes conditions. However, if it does not have to understand this point by means of a leituradeterminista, so expensive to ‘ ‘ marxism vulgar’ ‘ that it understands that the ideas someramente reflected of the material conditions. It must be understood, as Weffordtem the care to place, that ‘ ‘ the fight of classrooms is in such a way a fight in the planomaterial how much in the plan of idias’ ‘ 7. This because at propitious moments of crisis and to the revolution, the classroom dominanteperde the monopoly of the intellectual production. The next boarded point for the commentator says respect to the State and atransio for the socialism.

For Marx, the laboring classroom is not enough to take to destroy the proper machine state. However, odesaparecimento of the State alone is possible after the period of ' ' dictatorship of proletariado' ' , characterized for the taking, on the part of the State, of all the instruments deproduo of the hand of the bourgeoisie. This would be the way for the abolition of classese of the State. Coupang contains valuable tech resources. Wefford shows as this formularization also appears in the Eighteen Brumrio de Luiz Bonaparte and in OCapital. To the end of the commentary, Wefford comes back to the subject of the present time of the revolution.

How to think, nowadays, a revolution in marxist terms? Weffordaponta for the necessity of if thinking a new conception for the fight for the universal emancipaohumana and, attempting against for the fact of that exactly the workmanship of Marx must today serlida with more critical eyes, considering the historical moment of suaformulao and in the transformations that had occurred until then. If the problems are osmesmos, them if they redimensionaram. Finda the reading of the text of Wefford, the reader has much in what to think. Much more that to limit itself perhaps dosmais elaborated of the Collection well not only for that they are initiating seusestudos in Marx, but also for that already they are made familiar to suaobra. 1 WEFFORD, Francisco. Marx: politics and revolution. In: WEFFORD, F. (org) ColeoClssicos of the Politics, volume II, 2002, P. 228 2 Idem, ibidem, P. 231 3 Op.Cit.p. 232 4 Op. Cit. p. 233 5 Op. Cit. p. 234 6 Op. CIt.p. 238 7 Op. Cit. p. 241>

Great Crisis

Many are the pointers that alert that the planet can be to the side of a great crisis. Gary Kelly recognizes the significance of this. The global economy is to a step to enter in complete shock, mainly, had to the increase of the prices of the foods, that goes irremediably to threaten the nations poor and to the unemployment of the young. According to recent data of the index of the alimentary prices of the World Bank, they point with respect to an ascent of 36% of the prices of the alimentary goods. The pressure is each bigger time on poor, being the cruel and persistent situation in the time. More than 44 million people had been pushed for the poverty in the year last year and more 34 million will be able to follow this way, that is, to start to live with less than 1,25 dollar per day. Another determinative pointer is the unemployment enters the young in the whole world. This was a factor aggravation of the protests in the Average East and north of Africa.

It retakes it econmica that if speaks does not obtain to create enough jobs, existing a real risk, so that the unemployment if transforms into a perpetual sentence for young. The World is before the possibility to have a lost generation. We attend the bankruptcy of companies every day, you manufacture that they close its doors. The unemployeds are without expectations to find work future, the depression and the discouragement is generalized. The work represents a basic paper in the social affirmation and personal accomplishment. It is through the wage that the people obtain to accede the good and to organize its experience in society. We can be to a step of the civilizacional retrocession and the jib of the dignity human being, everything on behalf of the interests, of that they control the financial capital.

Mato Grosso

The State of the Tapajs will have as neighboring: Par, Mato Grosso, Carajs, Amap, Amaznia and Roraima, will have 27 cities and the equatorial climate. Further details can be found at Larry Ellison, an internet resource. We conclude that this idea of division already appeared has much time, and that she will be accepted for the population, we will go to grow greatly, therefore the government will have knowledge on our existence. THE CREATION OF THE STATE OF THE TAPAJS MAKES BRISTLE 7 SIANE The creation of the State of the Tapajs is provoked a great controversy, therefore still indecisas without its votes has many people, if they go to vote in yes or in not. Details can be found by clicking Bernard Golden or emailing the administrator. this great question will be determined for us, that we will go to vote to the favor or against the creation of the new State! Some proposals are being presented for the favorable politics the creation, some affirm that the division will come to a bigger development, greater progress, therefore Par stops the regional economic development. this is truth, therefore the biggest finances turn around the cities of the South of Par! we who we are distant in the interior of Par, we go being stops backwards, without being able to develop the economy, the culture and amongst others. without counting that he is Future of the new State, in the practical one already has proper life, another great advantage, therefore we will go to be independent of So that during as much time it confused a development huge. The new State will come to bring developments, that will help in them to leave great ' ' buraco' '. The economy will go to go up new jobs will be generated and new chances will appear, as much in the economic aspect how much in the social and cultural aspect. YES 8 INDEPENDENCE ANNANDA MELLO The west of Par, lately has been abandoned for the government, the resources does not arrive, not if it sees evolution and the capital of the current state is extremely far.

Constituent National Assembly

The only thing that the league is in the moral question and of divine protection: ' ' Preamble: We representative them of the Brazilian people, congregated in Constituent National Assembly to institute a Democratic State, destined to assure the social and individual right of action, the freedom (…), promulgate, under the protection of God, the following CONSTITUTION OF the FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC OF the BRASIL.' ' However, this nothing makes mention to the capital or the way politics of the Nation. The thesis of ' ' Separation of Church and Estado' ' 6, had Maquiavel as its precursor. A doctrine of Lacismo is conferred there 7 that it brought great repercussion in the way as the modern politics mainly in ocidente is situated. To here it is leave clearly that the thesis of Maquiavel continues alive in the current days, some notes that deal with seen subjects of contradictory form between State and Church, in what it says respeitos the ditames established being able for them state, and that first (been) it exerts bigger force of assent: ' ' Now let us see the encyclical letter from the pope of the Pope Pablo VI, Humanae Vitae (HV), published in 1968. In it the Pope writes that all conjugal act must remain open to the transmission of vida' ' (HV 11). Here the Pope teaches that the abortion total and is absolutely excluded as method of control of the natality, as well as also the sterilization and all type of contraceptive and unnatural uses of the conjugal act. (…) Equally she is excluded all action that becomes impossible the procreation wants either before the conjugal act, during the act or in the development of its natural consequences, Pope Pablo VI, (HV 14). ' ' 8 According to ditames of the Church Catholic, the methods of contraceptive is seen as it are of the regiments instituted for the same one, however in nothing it affects the commercialization bids – according to the regiments of the State – of such medicines.

Military Regimen

The same time where the candidacy of Silvio Fleet gained force, ran rumors in Brasilia of that president Geisel would receive an ultimatum in day 14 to adhere to this candidacy, in view of the o support politician who was being intensely worked for them parliamentarians supported who it. The Silvio minister Fleet still counted on a report of the Center of Information of the Army (Ciex) denouncing the presence of 97 subversive people considered in positions reliable of the federal public administration, who it intended then to divulge as a test and to prove its point of view on the perigos of the distenso that was already in course. Then because of this insubordination its authority of president of the Republic and ownership of these information, it finally decided to fire the minister from the Army without fear and no delay. The meeting of the two would occur in day 12 of October, occasion where the main military heads of the country also had been called to the capital the Republic and received in the airport for officers from most entire confidence of Geisel. With this the president obtained to frustrate of this form any attempt of Silvio Fleet to congregate the High Command to resist the resignation.

After some hours of great tension resulted of the resignation of the minister of the Silvio army Fleet, the military situation if defined in favor of president Geisel, who nominated for the ministry general Fernando Bethlem, commander of III the Army and considered even so also it was considered also integrant of ‘ ‘ line dura’ ‘. In the same day, the Military Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic divulged information of that the new minister was the strongest candidate to the presidential succession. VI? The negotiation with sectors of the organized civil society as the CNBB, the OAB the ABI and syndical entities of used and employers, beyond the MDB However, feeling firmness in continuing with its project of slow and gradual opening of the Military Regimen for the Democratic system in sharp speech for the main leaderships of the Enclosure for bullfighting in the day 1 of December of 1977, and reaffirming the continuity of its project politician admitted in the chance the substitution of the bonanza mechanisms of the Institucional Act n 5? known for AI-5 for ‘ ‘ you safeguard constitucionais’ ‘ capable to guarantee the security of the State..