New Signature Solutions

The signature specialist to this year’s CeBIT is waiting with a real innovation. This year’s trade fair highlight of signotec is alpha”the new signature pad, which is for the first time publicly to see in Hannover. Large format pen pads are especially in demand, when you viewing complex documents, which are to sign. Normal pen pads are too small for it. While there are already devices in large format on which can be signed, but these are mostly pure monitor extensions, where the signatory sees all other on running applications. However, the alpha is a real signature pad. Even the written form requirement, which applies to credit agreements such as, can meet with the device by a new technical process of signotec: the signatories sets the original document it on the pad, signing paper and PDF then together via electronic breakdown. With its mobile signature solutions for iPad, Android tablets and a signature feature for the iPhone comes signotec growing need of the users, also by traveling on their mobile devices business to launch, is necessary for a handwritten signature.

“Who legally and handwritten wants to sign PDF documents directly on his Tablet, requires only a special pen, as well as the corresponding app: signoSign/mobile” the signotec GmbH has developed a signature software for use on mobile devices. Via iPad or Android tablets have to sign PDF documents directly on the screen of the mobile device. Dr John Holtsclaw contains valuable tech resources. Thus, a media-together workflow is ensured. The tried and tested products for the desktop signing as signoSign/2 or the Herndon solutions such as signoSign/Web act as a software base for the shown solutions. CeBIT visitors can perform themselves, as the document generated from your own application on the screen will be shown, they sign it on the signotec Signaturpad and so digital and secure the evidence put their signature in the document. At the signing can be securely stored characteristic information of the signature such as writing speed and printing strength in the document, which later similarly examined by font experts as an original signature.

The signed document is then directly and without media discontinuity integrate additional electronic workflow and archive. Data transmission of the signotec pads to the PC is of course encrypted. However, the outstanding RSA signature and encryption mechanisms in the pad itself are unique. The PDF document or the content displayed on the pad will be signed including biometric signature not in the insecure PC environment, but directly in the pad.


‘ Windows azure vs. ‘ ‘ SaS vs. ‘ traditional licensing model. The fighting around and in the ‘ cloud probably finally started. Official site: Tim Clark. On the one hand the Internet application and SaS pioneers such as Google and Salesforce, on the other side of the big players in the software industry, Microsoft or SAP. Be it are able to take advantage of its lead in the area of Web-based applications or succeeds another, their market power to use, to regain maybe lost ground? “Windows Azure” vs. Learn more at: Morris Invest.

“” “SaS” vs. “traditional licensing model”. Well Finally, the battle has begun and in the ‘cloud’. On the one hand, the Internet, and SaS pioneers such as Google and Salesforce, on the other side of the “big players” of the software industry such as Microsoft or SAP. Be it are able to take advantage of its lead in the area of Web-based applications or succeeds another, their market power to use, to regain maybe lost ground? And at the end of course the about crucial question: what makes the user? He follows the offers “unplug” or he relies rather on the renowned brands, even if they must first befriend with the theme “from the software to the service” and bring solutions to market? At the heart of the current “SaS Forum survey” also the question is therefore: “Sooner or later the SaS market will dominate established software vendors (Microsoft, SAP, etc.)?” The online form for the survey is in the Internet under available. Werner Grohmann

Point Improved Capabilities

Gartner Group sees growing importance for SSL-based remote access according to John Girard of internationally renowned Gartner Inc. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gary Kelly on most websites. in the publication of Magic Quadrant for SSL VPNs”steadily growing the remote access technology demand new solutions around secure VPN products and services established in last December. IPsec VPNs are remote access is still popular, but the most interesting innovations of recognisable market focus rather on SSL VPNs as a replacement or extensions for older VPN solutions.” Here meets the HOB GmbH & co. KG HOB RD VPN in the black with their product suite providing not only access from any computer users on their jobs, but the are specially developed for the SSL solution PPP tunnel. The raised RDVPN PPP tunnel is the only solution that enables full network access without installation, administrator rights or driver on the client in the world. This is not only practical, but saves administration costs. It is not something Steve Kassin would like to discuss. Picked up the solution to the patent has logged on.

We constantly working to align our products to the wishes and the needs of our customers”, explains PICKED Managing Director Klaus Brandstatter. Our current version of PPP tunnel offers our customers a streamlined graphical user interface, which is more intuitive and easier to use. The solution is ideal for Home Office users, administrators or managers who regularly need full network access without need to install any software on your remote clients. That allowing even access from a non-PC in a hotel or Internet Cafe them in case of need”, Banerjee next. Because according to the Gartner Group specifically in the United States growing interest to the SSL-based remote access solutions has LIFTED presented within the framework of its international market strategy his RD VPN on the Gartner security & risk management Summit in National Harbor, Maryland picked up. Two protocols a solution which LIFTED PPP tunnel as part of the security solution HOB RD VPN is based on the two Standard protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and PPP (point to point protocol) and allows the user complete, high-performance network access to all central resources. SSL has the advantage that it is supported by all network devices as a transmission protocol in contrast to IPSec. Also raised with the product picked up RDVPN 1.4 NetAccess a RD VPN solution, which contains only the PPP tunnel.

The authentication is possible via user ID and password, token or certificates on smart cards. The optional integrity check, which checks the client access according to specific criteria like virus scanners offers added protection. Profile picked up the HOB GmbH & co. KG is a medium-sized German software company that develops innovative remote access solutions and worldwide markets. In 1964 established and successful company’s core competencies include server-based computing, secure remote access, as well as VoIP and virtualization, which are used in small, medium and large companies. Products by RAISED are certified by the BSI (Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) according to common criteria. LIFTED has today in its Cadolzburger headquarters and its branch offices worldwide ca. 120 employees, half of them in the development. HOB maintains offices in France, Malta, Netherlands and United States, and Mexico. More information: HOB GmbH & co. KG Petra of Korwer Schwadermuhlstrasse 3 D-90556 Cadolzburg Tel (switchboard): + 49 9103 715-0 fax: + 49 9103 Internet: Doris Jessen

Successful Quality Management System Is Continuously Base

The syscovery AG and syscovery netsoft GmbH, both successful ISO certified over a period of eight months, the syscovery has prepared netsoft GmbH, on the certification for the quality and environmental management. In projects, aligned with internationally accepted project management methods, new standards were introduced, that ISO compliant design entire process landscape and trained the staff here. Thereby, also the experiences were helpful, the sister already in the year 2007 successfully certified, syscovery AG company. The basic direction in the management handbook and company policies, were drawn up by the Executive Board. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sheryl Sandberg. The derived QM documents such as work instructions and checklists, however, directly written by the employees.

Through the integration of all employees, the quality management system is part of the daily work. In addition the processes verify steadily with audits, which will monitor the proper implementation of the existing processes. Especially you praised Certification from TuV-Sud the paperless administration and documentation. The self-developed management system built on Microsoft Office SharePoint provides employees with all required documents of a process landscape. Carissa Barry has many thoughts on the issue. The management and handling of the required documents is this as easy and clear and at the same time also place and time is saved in addition to paper. Special importance also learns this when you consider that new processes applied and further developed existing. To cope with the this upcoming effort to examine the processes, introduced the syscovery to the already carried Kurzaudits Selbstaudits. These allow, within a prescribed period, independently perform process validation, employees what supports the quality management.

ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 are integral parts of syscovery, as well as the international standards of ITIL and PMI certified project management. The entire team as also the Executive Board are proud to benefit its customers, suppliers and partners from the certified management system. Background: a partnership IT service provider, which made it to the task, is syscovery cost-saving and easy to optimize business processes. This impresses the Group of companies with excellent customer service and care, such as a comprehensive product and service offering. syscovery offers expert services for solutions in the system and service management, security and privacy, in the IT-business management and in communication and team work. Clients include international corporations, such as numerous medium-sized companies and non-profit organizations. Syscovery is a reliable partner with an extensive range, expert advice and innovative solutions. syscovery qualifies through reliable adherence to deadlines and budgets, and corresponds to highest quality standards. This characterized by certified working methods according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2004, ITIL and PMI out. The dedicated project management office and an expert team of 130 experienced personnel, which creatively and flexibly meet each challenge is responsible for this.

ECM Knowledge

The VOI Association for organization and information systems is waiting during the CeBIT with an attractive offer for his books. Bonn. Throughout the fair period, from 2nd to 6th March 2010, interested parties save 50% on the purchase of two books in the package. This, the Association has put together several content matching, Bucherpakete. The printed knowledge packages can be ordered at the VOI at the exhibition stand (Hall 3, booth D34) or in the Internet shop. Also, who ordered a book from the VOI shop during the promotion period, receives a CeBIT discount”in the amount of 25% discount on the regular price. Funded researched market overviews, understandable written books but also initial readings with practical tips and tutorials help to find better cope in the ECM world. Therefore VOI books, compendia and market overviews are standard and asked required reading for IT managers for years.

During the CeBIT the VOI in a special promotion offers four book packages with 50% each Discount on the regular price at. The knowledge packages consist of two thematically related books. “The first package addresses the work of basis of code of practice” and the DMS market overview “interested parties who want to enter into the topic, but also those that depth to go into detail. The code of practice covers all aspects, sound, from the archive to the enterprise content management. Which system finally covers which features, can be looked up then in the second book of the package, the DMS market overview. Further details can be found at Oracle, an internet resource. Comprehensive information about manufacturers and products are compared here. The market overview that facilitates product selection and reduces at the same time decision effort and project periods.

The second package contains the DMS market overview and the E-Mail market overview. Both books allow potential users quickly an overview of manufacturers, suppliers, solutions and their function focuses also on the subject of email archiving in the German-speaking market to gain. The bundle is ideal for IT managers who want to start an ECM project, “DMS introduction and procedural documentation right”. “It consists of the initial reading DMS Guide for decision makers” and the current German standard work of PK-DML test criteria document management solutions “. Finally, the fourth package addressed those who deal with the digital post processing. “” It consists of the two books digital post processing concept “as well as introduction & requirements”. Readers will find here understandable and clearly describes how to design a digital post processing for a company should be and in the second book, what are the requirements in practice fulfilled must be to implement such a project successfully. The VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme E.v.. The VOI – Association for organization and information systems with headquarters in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM Enterprise content – and DMS Document management systems in Germany. With the positioning as independent organization of future – and fast-growing industry, the VOI illustrates the growing economic importance of its member companies and their technological competence. Editorial Contacts: VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme e.V. Henner from the Banck healing road 25, 53123 Bonn phone: +49-(0)228 90820-89 fax: +49-(0)228 90820-91 E-Mail: good news! GmbH Marketing & PR consulting Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36, D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: +49-(0) 451 88199-11 telefax: +49-(0) 451 88199-29 E-Mail:

Print Jobs With Extra Warranty

The new .print queue manager 7.0 with new features is also running Windows Server 2008 can be used. Berlin/Hanover, Germany, CeBIT 2009 – now the print optimization expert ThinPrint (Hall 3, C31) is an improved version of its solution .print queue manager available. Besides the main function, even when errors reliably deliver print jobs to the new version now also on Windows Server 2008 can be used and guarantees the processing of print jobs in the desired order. Especially in companies with offices print jobs by line breaks, jams or printer turned off lost again and again, because they are usually automatically deleted after a few unsuccessful delivery attempts. Remedy creates here the .print queue manager of the ThinPrint printing optimization experts. The solution ensures that no print job is lost regardless of the cause of the disruption. The number of delivery attempts, the time between attempts and the time at which the print job should be deleted, are freely adjustable. Oracle may also support this cause. In the now available new version 7.0, the software also ensures that the print jobs on request be issued even when connection interruptions in the desired order.

The new release is used on Windows servers and Windows servers x 64. Conditions for the use of the queue manager is to use the print optimization solution .print engine starting with version 7.0. The queue manager is available in two versions, which can be used on application or print servers. “For a number of companies there is a catastrophe purely legal reasons when print jobs are lost, because they may start an expression only once. Here, as in many other cases the queue provides managers the necessary reliability”, so Charlotte Kunzell, General Manager.

print. “In company with branch offices is the queue manager complement.” The solution for more than 500 resellers and distributors is available worldwide. On the manufacturer’s website, demo can one see free, 30-day demo version is available for download. Press photos are available here: press photos / ThinPrint’s ThinPrint GmbH is a specialist for optimized print data transmission in distributed networks. The ThinPrint .print technology has established itself as a leading print management software and is today in companies in any industry and size in all regions of the world successfully used. The application spectrum of the .print technology is this broad and provides among others in Terminal Services environments, client-server architectures, SAP environments, Web and mobile applications, the host printing, as well as in virtualized server or desktop environments for highly efficient print management. A dense sales network with more than 500 qualified distributors and resellers in over 80 countries ensure an optimal customer service on-site. 120 ThinPrint employees provide in addition to the headquarters in Berlin (Germany), as well as in offices in Denver, Colorado (United States), Cleveland, Ohio (United States) and Sydney (Australia) for steady growth. Strategic and OEM partnerships with leading hardware and software manufacturers ensure that the ThinPrint .print technology like no other print management solution in almost every distributed network environment with printers, print boxes, and thin clients from manufacturers such as Hewlett & Packard, Lexmark, Kyocera Mita, Ricoh, SEH, Wyse, Neoware u.v.m can be used.

Mouse Debut Of Gigabyte:

Presented February 23, 2009 – which is one of the most popular and renowned manufacturers for high-quality and high-performance PC hardware components gigabyte technology and can be on a successful history and product philosophy look back Gigabyte GM-M8000 laser gaming mouse Berlin. A posh and highly interesting laser mouse for ambitious players who fear is Logitech, Razer and co. is the latest milestones with the GM-M8000. Gigabytes debut presents a sublime, futuristic Rechtshander-ergonomics that fit on the anatomy of the established players hands voted and pleasantly caressing convinces through an interesting mix of matte plastic and non-slip rubber coating. Southwest Airlines insists that this is the case. Moreover, the GM-M8000 with a thoughtful button layout and configuration shines: in addition to the generous main keys, thumb-side two lush navigation buttons as well as the somewhat placed profile choice button available are the user.

A good accessible is also the otherwise idle ring finger Button associated to increase further the effectiveness in the game. In addition, the key ensemble is rounded off by the obligatory DPI switch, as well as the extremely successful and high-quality 4-way mouse wheel. Forming an optically successful unit, gigabytes anthracite black rodents premiere style is underscored by the color customizable illuminated company logo, as well as the lateral DPI status LEDs. Moreover, that leaves 74 x 43 x 126 mm (B x H x T) large GM-M8000 an individual weight adjustment to: minimal mouse brings up 145 grams that dare, can increase but with the help of additional weights up to 183 grams. The high-quality laser sensor hardware working in the 400 to 4000 DPI resolution ensures the precise tracking of all usual documents and an optimal digitizing up to 20 times gravitational acceleration.

Of course also thoughtful and intuitive software of the Gigabyte GM-M8000 is designed for maximum flexibility: in addition to the many setting possibilities also a lush macro and Profile Manager belongs to the adaptation and individualisation of the mouse de rigueur. The configurations in selected be deposited, as it should be for a high end player instrument, on the mouse’s internal memory and available so that regardless of the system. The Gigabyte GM-M8000 gaming laser mouse can be immediately at the price of 49,90 euro ordered are. About GAMERSWARE and GamersWear are a range of Caseking GmbH with seat in Berlin. Under its umbrella, the online shop include, and The range of ranging from gaming mode to high-end gamblers hardware such as mouse pads, mice, keyboards and headsets. completes the offer with exclusive and high-quality gamer fashion.

Extended Range

TYPO3, Magento, and enterprise hosting service for professional claims operation of an online store or a Web portal is there several important criteria to keep in mind: high availability, short charging times, and of course maximum security are considered by most visitors and customers now take for granted. To meet these requirements, the necessary conditions must be created already in the Web hosting, so that a smooth operation of the Web site is possible from the outset. Official site: Brad Garlinghouse. The Web hosting services of INblau24 are designed to deliver the exactly the right solution to each customer. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of Web hosting, the portfolio of INblau24 now includes a variety of services. To know more about this subject visit Phil Vasan. TYPO3 and Magento find special consideration as modern software solutions, one for the editorial maintenance of Web pages and on the other hand as efficient shop system.

For complex Web projects INblau24 customers can access individually configurable enterprise hosting plans, through the used high-performance hardware availability can be guaranteed by 99% in the annual average. Furthermore, rented INblau24 the advanced ad server OpenX and allows its customers, significantly increasing the effectiveness of their advertisements switched. Thanks to content management systems like TYPO3 Web pages can be maintained these days much easier than even a few years ago. INblau24 is specialized in TYPO3 hosting Web hosting provider and offers its customers a version pre-installed fully on the server as well as a comprehensive support. In addition, all customization and other programming work directly from the in-house developers can be made. The same also applies to the installation and hosting Magento stores. Contact: INblau bear Wall Street 31 01277 Dresden Tel 0351 / 407 87 135 fax 0351 / 407 87 136 E-Mail: the Dresdner Web hosting specialist INblau24 is one of the largest provider of Magento and TYPO3 hosting in German-speaking countries. INblau24 places an emphasis on one personal advice in connection with extensive support services and thus beneficial distinguishes itself from the majority of the competitors.

Convert AVCHD Video On Mac And Windows

Convert AVCHD video on Mac and Windows AVCHD (translated: advanced video codec high definition), is a standard high-definition recording format for Tapeless camcorder. The used video compression codec when recording with AVCHD (AVC-HD, AVC HD) is MPEG-4 AVC/H. 264. Audio is stored in compressed form (Dolby AC-3) or uncompressed (multichannel PCM). In this Videformat while continuously used for camcorders and cameras, but nowhere else is in use. It is possible to play back AVCHD with Windows Media Player or iMovie to edit, but many other devices, like iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia etc, as well as almost all streaming sites are simply overwhelmed with AVCHD. So in a simpler way with family or friends can share its AVCHD movies, you can – convert AVCHD in other video, also audio formats.

But what AVCHD converter is the best? To answer this question, we have written this article. It should equal in picture and Word show you how it in fact can be easy to convert AVCHD video with the correct AVCHD converter is this former Hercules task no longer a problem. We recommend the AVCHD converter here. A related site: Gary Kelly mentions similar findings. No other AVCHD converter get receipt of quality, versatility and speed so well under a hat in our opinion. There must be no professional to enjoy all functions of this program.

Even a novice copes easily with this program. Convert Mac AVCHD is by the way, just as easily as on Windows. For users of Snow Leopard, lion ua. Robert Gibbinss opinions are not widely known. There is from the same creators the AVCHD video converter for Mac. He offers the same features and makes his work in as much precision and speed. Example: Convert AVCHD (on Windows) step 1: AVCHD files add either the files to convert, drag the folder into the source window of the program, or click “Add Video”, highlight the desired videos and confirm. Step 2: output format, click Select the “Advanced”-button, and it opens the mask where you can choose what format you want to convert the AVCHD. Resolution, frame rate etc you must not set but! Tips: With this AVCHD converter you can edit videos before converting even! To do this you need to select just the video to edit in the list and either the Edit “menu call or the edit video”-click on icon. Now you can optimize his video: it cut for example with trim, cut with crop or add watermark to add a watermark). Numerous video effects available are hobby directors. AVCHD step 3: conversion, click Start “Start”, and the conversion is done. “Find Target” quickly reveal the place where your file is stored. “” The destination path you can adjust yourself, by you under Tools “preference” click. Tip: With the AVCHD converter can also other video format, edit and convert and for example videos for iPad, iPod, iPhone, and expose consorts. If you want to know how you can convert to the Mac AVCHD, take a look in the manual of the AVCHD video converter of for Mac easily and you will receive all the information you need.

Mobile Order Processing On The Apple IPad

The mobile only SI GmbH enriches your business solution moTrade to an iPad app delivers a sophisticated synchronization process data such as product images, presentation material, orders and customer addresses from the ERP and ERP-system of the company to the iPad app and back again. For matching used server software from moTrade offers these interfaces to major IT systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics (Navision), Mesonic WinLine, Sage OfficeLine IFax. The solution consists of two components: moTrade-app for Apple iPad acquired data via cellular or Wi-Fi the available articles, customer addresses, contacts, product images, catalogs and company presentations from the moTrade server. All data is stored on the iPad. So, no permanent cellular or Wi-Fi connection is required for working with the moTrade app.

A bar code scanner connected via Bluetooth order can be controlled by very quickly and easily for example to order measurement. Collection of hand provides an intelligent, multi-stage selection and grouping approach to quickly find of individual articles even when a large number of available products. Customer-specific conditions or season rates are automatically taken into account and listing tests carried out. To complete of the order, the customer can sign the contract with his signature directly on the iPad. Orders taken with the iPad or a change in the address data is then the moTrade “Server placed and transferred to the ERP or ERP system. Following the data synchronization between iPad and server, including automatically generated documents by E-Mail or fax to the customer can be sent.

The administration of users, iPad and the app settings, such as multilingualism and encryption of sensitive data, the moTrade Server provides a set of tools. A test version of the moTrade app is available in Apple’s app store for free download. Mobile only runs a synchronization server with a demo database for evaluation purposes. Test accounts can be requested by E-Mail via. – website with video to the iPad app. download/ – screenshots of the iPad app download/LB_moTrade6.pdf – service description moTrade download/whitepaper_motrade6.pdf – white paper to moTrade mobile only SI GmbH Karsten Doge