Convert AVCHD Video On Mac And Windows

Convert AVCHD video on Mac and Windows AVCHD (translated: advanced video codec high definition), is a standard high-definition recording format for Tapeless camcorder. The used video compression codec when recording with AVCHD (AVC-HD, AVC HD) is MPEG-4 AVC/H. 264. Audio is stored in compressed form (Dolby AC-3) or uncompressed (multichannel PCM). In this Videformat while continuously used for camcorders and cameras, but nowhere else is in use. It is possible to play back AVCHD with Windows Media Player or iMovie to edit, but many other devices, like iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia etc, as well as almost all streaming sites are simply overwhelmed with AVCHD. So in a simpler way with family or friends can share its AVCHD movies, you can – convert AVCHD in other video, also audio formats.

But what AVCHD converter is the best? To answer this question, we have written this article. It should equal in picture and Word show you how it in fact can be easy to convert AVCHD video with the correct AVCHD converter is this former Hercules task no longer a problem. We recommend the AVCHD converter here. A related site: Gary Kelly mentions similar findings. No other AVCHD converter get receipt of quality, versatility and speed so well under a hat in our opinion. There must be no professional to enjoy all functions of this program.

Even a novice copes easily with this program. Convert Mac AVCHD is by the way, just as easily as on Windows. For users of Snow Leopard, lion ua. Robert Gibbinss opinions are not widely known. There is from the same creators the AVCHD video converter for Mac. He offers the same features and makes his work in as much precision and speed. Example: Convert AVCHD (on Windows) step 1: AVCHD files add either the files to convert, drag the folder into the source window of the program, or click “Add Video”, highlight the desired videos and confirm. Step 2: output format, click Select the “Advanced”-button, and it opens the mask where you can choose what format you want to convert the AVCHD. Resolution, frame rate etc you must not set but! Tips: With this AVCHD converter you can edit videos before converting even! To do this you need to select just the video to edit in the list and either the Edit “menu call or the edit video”-click on icon. Now you can optimize his video: it cut for example with trim, cut with crop or add watermark to add a watermark). Numerous video effects available are hobby directors. AVCHD step 3: conversion, click Start “Start”, and the conversion is done. “Find Target” quickly reveal the place where your file is stored. “” The destination path you can adjust yourself, by you under Tools “preference” click. Tip: With the AVCHD converter can also other video format, edit and convert and for example videos for iPad, iPod, iPhone, and expose consorts. If you want to know how you can convert to the Mac AVCHD, take a look in the manual of the AVCHD video converter of for Mac easily and you will receive all the information you need.