State Committee

All described their animals are unique and are remembered as if you own them met. "On the accuracy and imagery I can compare it only with a better writer animalist Seton Thompson. Freshness and originality of language, wealth, and unexpected comparisons and metaphors, excellent and truly English, Dickensian humor – all this is real pleasure to the reader "(Sc.D. ve Flint). Incredible performance Darrell hit others. He has written over 30 books (which have been translated into dozens of languages) and took 35 films. The debut four-part tv movie "The Bafut for beef", released in 1958, made all England cling to their tv screens.

Later, in the early 80's., Managed to shoot and then closed Soviet Union. However, with great difficulty – but after lengthy negotiations with officials of the ussr Radio and Television and Ministry of Agriculture (since neither the mep nor the State Committee was still in sight was not) firm primed Productions signed an agreement to shoot 13-film series on nature protection in our country. After spending thousands and thousands of miles on the road, Darrell traveled all over the Soviet Union: Taimyr, Kalmykia, Baikal, Ryazan, , Samarkand, Names series of the documentary "Durrell in Russia (1-series was shown on Jan. 2, 1988, 1 st national tv program) speak for themselves:" Other Russian. "Rescue in the flood." "Cormorants, Crows, and catfish. "Seals and sable. "The last piece of virgin steppe." From Tien-Shan to Samarkand. " "Red Desert". "Saving the Saiga. "There's a forest." "The Return of bison.