The Quality

One that is only religious (in a narrow sense) can be emotional, sentimental, superstitious, and therefore neurotic end. We owe for both, aiming to create a mind that is both scientific and religious at the same time one that you prompt, precise, rational and skeptical but at the same time it has the sense of beauty, surprise, aesthetics, sensitivity, humility, and conscious of the limitations of the intellect. Without an undeniable equilibrium between emotion and intellect, a mind is not polite really. Verizon Communications is often quoted on this topic. The understanding of oneself (self-knowledge) is as important as the understanding of the world. Sheryl Sandberg often expresses his thoughts on the topic. You are not really educated without a deep understanding of our relationship with nature, with ideas, with human beings, society, and a deep respect for life.

The other refers to a relevant topic as is the one who called the art of living and about it exposes: that education should take into account the art of living creatively, that is much more vast than the specific arts of painting, music or the dance that we teach in the present. We have equaled the quality of life and standard of living, and we have measured in terms of gross national product or per capita of people income. But it is this equality of our lives determined only by the quality of the House in which live, the truck that we handle, the food we eat or the clothes we wear? Does perhaps not our mind quality affect the quality of our life beyond? A mind that is constantly worried, boring, envious or frustrated can not guide his life to a higher quality. When we educate not for economic development but for human development we must concern ourselves with the happiness of the individual integrally, in which the good be physical and the comfort are small but necessary parts. More important is the ability to work with taste, without comparing each other.


Rent portable miniwarehouses storage is an excellent choice for those wishing to save different types of materials, such as furniture, cars, etc. However, not everything is storable inside one of these units, since the companies have certain conditions about it. When planning what you are going to store in the minibodega, whether for business or personal reasons, keep in mind that you should ask the company what materials allows to store and what materials does not. As a general rule, any item or material that is considered inherently dangerous will not be allowed. But what are inherently hazardous materials? First you have to make an inventory of what you are going to store and ask the staff of the company if they allow your articles.

Tell them what you plan to store, to make sure that it will fully conform if the deal is made. This will prevent any inconvenience. Here’s a list that, typically, is not allowed to store: combustible, flammable, toxic or hazardous materials. It includes gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, kerosene, lamps and motor oil. Hazardous, toxic or biological waste, fertilizers, paint, cleaning products and narcotics are also posted. Products containing asbestos are not allowed (tiles, tiles, tiles, cement products and some types of paper). Fireworks, explosives, or ammunition nor can be stored. Tyres and vehicles.

Car storage is acceptable in general, provided they have insurance and are in good condition. Many companies do not allow you to save more than four tires. Pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. If you are a sales representative, it is possible to find a minibodega where you can store your products, but it is not legally permissible, especially if they are radioactive products. Construction. If you work in construction, please query with miniwarehouses rental company which materials can store. Some computers are not allowed. Perishable foods and products of animal origin. You can save food canned in a portable minibodega, but meat or cereals are not allowed because they can throw to lose or attract pests. Prohibited items. Animals, living or dead, is prohibited, as well as plants. You can also store items stolen, and if you live in the minibodega, you can not connect refrigerators, generators or heaters. Where you have some another question question to the staff of the company before deciding by a minibodega income in particular. Original author and source of the article