Thanks Individual

To live in condominium, in fact, is not an easy task. It has who it defends, also, that, ideally, to live itself thus in an environment, must have some type of ' ' seleo' ' , ' ' entrevista' ' , to see ' ' perfil' ' of the new inhabitant and its adequacy to the rules of convivncia established there. Until certain moment I arrived to agree to similar ideas, however, after to move of condominium and to see that the problems are same in all the places moving only the ratio, I gave account that this is part of the nature human being (nature this servant for us, thus eats the rules and concepts), it makes what me to arrive at some reflections. It seems that, at certain moment of history, we have lost ' ' jeito' ' to deal with the other, to coexist in society and community. It is as if the other with who we coexist was a same stranger or a threat and we tend to demarcate our limit as defense system. For example, if somebody walked for the street at night and heard steps of another person if approaching, immediately it was thought: ' ' Thanks to God, it comes come algum' ' Nowadays, the thought is: ' ' There my God, comes come somebody! ' '. He sees that he has one total queerness of the individual stops with the other individual.

Now, he imagines this set of queernesses and individual fears and you he will have a condominium. Or, to say in another way, we will have the figure of the neighbor. This being that we do not know, we do not want to know and we have anger of who knows! We arrive to think that it does not exist. Many of the times the involved neighbor in histories with beginning half end its life turns a novel hr 8:00 that in the reality is transmitted almost hr 10:00 at last is accused, judged and sentenced, the condominium is transformed into one projaque in miniature turns a cinematographic condominium literally.