The main share of items that cause color sensations are body that merely reflect or transmit light emitted by the sources. In general, the color of the object due to the following factors: its color and its surface properties, optical properties of light sources and the medium through which light propagates, the properties of the visual analyzer and features not yet sufficiently studied the psycho-physiological process of processing visual impressions in the brain centers. For even more analysis, hear from Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. Color serves as a means of communication. Color helps sell. Color – a force that encourages the sale of almost any consumer product. Professional design, graphics and printers are well aware that the color is a key factor in the process trade, as playing an important role in deciding on a purchase. He awakens in the buyer a string of emotions, attracted him to this or that product. Colours On this page I'm not going to pay attention Problems with rgb or cmyk – let it remain on the Web and printing, a separate huge issue, but applies only to print and companies, and in everyday human life is not necessary.

I want to talk about the colors of living – such as those we are accustomed to see-discern. Everyone is familiar with the color wheel that consists of (clockwise from top), yellow, red – warm, blue and green – cool colors and intermediate components. This color spectrum, where confusion can to get any! color. But – these colors (polychrome) can not do without the monochrome colors of the spectrum components of which are black and white tones.