The Darnton Revolution

Through the circulation printed, the knowledge, that was limited to the secular Church and that, necessarily, it emanated of the sovereign, one becomes relatively accessible that one that it knows to read. Thus, the book is physically lesser, or more close to the popular ones, and the nobility and the figure it King lose its sacred contour by means of the creative uses of the reading. From this reinveno of Mornet for Chartier, I found interesting, to make a dialogue, as suggested for the professor Menezes Landmarks of the workmanship of Robert Darnton, where it returns the high and low idea from with the exception, central office, of that the public space if constitutes in a not open society to the knowledge: the world bourgeois does not receive or stimulates the talent, immersed in the rigid mentality of the Ancien Regimen. Darnton sample that submundo, ' ' writers and rbulas' ' , and same the one scholars ' ' second gerao' ' of the Iluminismo, attracted by the world announced for Voltaire and its pairs, when leaving of the Province to the capital, they see the doors closed; nor all can attribute the nickname of Philosophe and participate of ' ' Le monde' '. Darnton comments: ' ' Perhaps the literary world if has always divided hierarchically, having in vertex one monde of mandains e, in the base, the literary bohemian (…). But the social and economic conditions of the High Iluminismo had dug an uncommon irrigation ditch enter the two groups in last the twenty and five years of the Ancien Regimen. This distanciamento (…) will disclose something on one them classic questions proposals for the age daily pay-revolutionary: which was the relation between the Iluminismo and the Revolution? ' ' (Robert Darnton, 1987) Thus, second in the Darnton sample, ' ' cambulhada of subliteratos' ' , created in the deepenings of submundo intellectual, resented for the disdain of ' ' absolute in power tyranny of letras' ' , they lead the revolution to the plan of the facts. .